NEWS: Electro East Stage for the 2011 ECMA's - Get to know the artists!

Globe World Flavours is excited to host the first ever ELECTRO EAST STAGE for the upcoming ECMAs.

The 2011 ECMA Awards and Conference in Charlottetown will launch the debut of the Electronic Partnered Stage. This two-day event will showcase 14 Atlantic-Canadian electronic music acts at The Globe in Charlottetown on April 15 & 16, 2011 in mini-festival style sets.

Ill Gates and Skratch Bastid will be performing on Friday and Saturday night respectively.
Lets get to know all the artists involved in the Electronic Music Showcases:

ill.Gates -
Friday, April 15 @ 1:40 am

ill.Gates is a Toronto-based composer, performer and educator. Over the past 16 years, he has established a global fanbase and a reputation as one of the most dy- namic electronic music artists around. He regularly tours across North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. Gates has headlined at such festivals as Burning Man, Shambala, the World Electronic Music Festival and the New Orleans Jazz Festival. His first full-length release, Autopirate (Muti Music, 2008) charted and continues to sell strongly. His upcoming triple album The ill.Methodology and accompa- nying online course are highly anticipated. Gates was re- cently selected as one of the Next 100 by URB Magazine.

Many of his contemporaries cite ill.Gates as a key artistic influence and inspiration in their music.While on tour, Gates frequently teaches workshops to grateful and attentive audiences, in which he shares his highly effective approach to producing quality finished music as well as in- sights into the mentality and strategies necessary to succeed in the music business.

Skratch Bastid
Saturday, April 16 @ 1:40 am

Having rocked the bar many times, Skratch Bastid is now ready to raise it.

In 2010, The Bastid has become one of Canada’s most in-demand DJs and respected producers but don’t think it happened overnight. From his humble beginnings a decade ago as a teenager in Halifax- pumping out mixtapes from his bedroom and earning a loyal following already back then- he slowly spread his skills first at DJ competitions like DMC, ITF, and Scribble Jam and now around Canada and the world as a widely recognized go-to guy for party-rocking. The illest redhead on turntables has since gone viral. Seriously, youtube that shit.

Since he is increasingly recognized for his comfort and versatility in different styles- hip hop, funk, disco, rock, club and just about every other genre that will make you dance- more and more people are getting hip to his style. That’s what keeps this Bastid working so hard. Touring city-to-city with a relentless drive, he’s wowed crowds from coast to coast in Canada, the United States, the Caribbean, and all over Europe as he averages close to 200 shows a year.

For Skratch Bastid, all that energy is brought back to the studio and heard in his music. As a producer, he takes that experience from the stage and lays it down on hard-hitting original music with a wide range of sounds. The formula earned him a Juno Nomination as Producer of the Year for his work on Buck 65’s Situation album, which he lost to Joni Mitchell. You can hear his own music often elevate his live sets along with yesterday and today’s best.

In the past year, the young lad landed in Toronto- after five fruitful years as a Montreal resident- bringing new flavor to the city and making his first mark with a big bang. His new Skratch Bastid Presents quarterly event kicked off with a blockbuster collaboration including DJ Starting from Scratch and world-renowned beatboxer Scratch formerly from the Roots. The inspiring first party was a huge success as it breathed new life into Toronto’s night scene. The three noisemakers are hoping to take the show on the road for the world to see.

Scientists of Sound
Saturday, April 16 @ 1:00 am

SOS is a LIVE looping madness duo - all sounds are performed, recorded, and manipulated LIVE - take that DJs! Joking - we love DJs!

"Clunk!! SHWOOSH!! Pling!! BEATS!!!" - "shit what do i do now??? jesus!! it is f’n hot in here!! why does she keep trying to touch my horse face???!!! Arggghh what do i do???!! How about this?? YESSSSSSSSS!!! That is the stuff right there! - and repeat and repeat...

Dirty electro sounds in an improvisational original format that nobody else is doing… Live looping dance madness – in masks – and lab coats… This is the mantra for this Halifax based duo sometimes trio sometimes quattro looping madness unit… Play sound – record sound – manipulate sound until it doesn’t sound like the original sound – and do it all over well crafted original dance tracks and thumpin’ beats… That IS the stuff right there… This is Scientists of Sound…

In the past year SOS have shifted from a side project / fun time project to a bona-fide electro powerhouse on the Canadian music scene… They have performed in every major Canadian market and have been winning fans coast to coast in the process… They have shared the stage with notable electro artists MSTRKRFT. Kid Koala, Boys Noise, Thunderheist, and more… Their recent tours during which they performed a selection of Daft Punk tracks in addition to their own sold out in every market from Toronto east, giving this crazy sonic experiment a solid fan base for the release of their debut EP in February of this year….

Ruby Jean

Friday, April 15 @ 1:00 am

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. When the world ends with the fiery explosion of the sun and lava fire-working out of all the earth’s crevices, most of humanity will be freaking the fuck out and dousing themselves with their own urine. Ruby Jean fans, however, will just be like “meh.” .... Ruby Jean shows are ground-poundingly ecstatic. Rebekah Higgs, the first horsewoman of the apocalypse, throws herself both figuratively and literally into the seething, sweating, dancing masses before her. The bruises she incurs while crowd surfing, moshing and hurling herself unto the audience are unfelt until she wakes up calm and hung-over in Rebekah Higgs’ bed, remembering little of Ruby Jean until she sees a Youtube video of herself doing seven costume changes and pouring a bottle of champagne into a guy’s mouth from the stage. ...... .... ........ ..

A.A. Wallace
Saturday, April 16 @ 10:30 pm

A.A. Wallace is better know as the songwriter/front man of Yarmouth Nova Scotia's sleeplessnights. As far back as the mid-nineties thanks to programs like propellorheads rebirth and sample trackers on an apple classic II he's had various electronic projects including but not limited to; mass for shut-ins, the internet, and ruby jean and the thoughtful bees. With two eps of new material, several remix commissions to be released in the first half of the year as a solo artist and a new live band, 2011 is going to be a busy year for A.A Wallace.

The Arka Teks
Friday, April 15 @ 11:30 pm

Creating a soundscape from Club to Rock to Electronica The Arka Teks work to produce a unique blend of music. Hailing from Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada the group consists of Producer/Songwriter Nick Fowler and Singer/Songwriter Tyler Lombard. The two members actually came from opposite ends of the musical scale; Fowler created his foundation on electro-house music, glitchy intelligent dance music, and electronic dance music, while Lombard works mainly with acoustic guitars, folk lyrics and harmonic vocals. This combination of two extremes gives The Arka Teks the capability of scaling almost any genre of music. Focusing on producing precise club and dance music, The Arka Teks will design their way into your iPod in no time.

Since the release of their award winning debut album Night Life in July of 2010, the group has been quickly picking up a head of steam. After hitting #26 on the Electronic Albums Chart on ITunes, the duo landed a distribution deal with EQ Music out of Singapore (the largest independent distributor in the country). They followed this up by winning 2 Music NB awards (2010 Fan's Choice and Urban/Electronic Recording). With a nomination for Pop Recording of the Year at the 2011 ECMA's and a new album slated for this summer, The Arka Teks are showing no signs of slowing down.

Everything’s Automatic
Friday, April 15 @ 11:00 pm

Everything's Automatic is an electronic/emotronic music project founded in the beginning of 2008 by Nick Jackson. After taking a long- term break from playing with a couple of groups in St. John’s, Nick took his korg synthesizer, an old laptop computer and began writing. Since then, Nick has been writing, recording and experimenting with sound and electronic music. Everything's Automatic has received airtime on CBC Radio programs and was featured on ECMA Radio in 2009. The song "two" was featured on 'Sound Art? Sounds Eclectic', a showcase of sound art and electronic music in Atlantic Canada.

At this time, Nick was living in Halifax, NS studying audio engineering and collaborating with many musicians in the area. He began a project with a good friend, Donovan Parsons; also from Newfoundland. Nick and Donovan wrote and recorded music together under the alias District, but the electronic and experimental noise project was short lived. The two went in other creative directions with other collaborative projects and are still actively writing music together. Donovan has even contributed to music by Everything’s Automatic under the alias ‘spaceman’.

In the last year Nick has returned to St. John’s. Everything’s Automatic has released two EPs online and in recent months, and has been workingwith the folks at remix86 and Yung Dumb. Yung Dumb is a collection of DJs and electronic musicians, performing two to four times per month. Yung Dumb plan to continue to hold shows and other functions in months to come and are planning on putting together a tour for later in 2011.

Currently, Everything's Automatic continues to perform with Yung Dumb; these performances include but are not limited to a mashup of original songs, samples and loops. Everything’s Automatic is working on new material and hopes to release a full-length record later this year. All music by Everything’s Automatic is currently free to listen to or download where available.

Saturday, April 16 @ 12:30 am

Donovan Morgan (Jakt, Sp00nfed, Donairs) has been performing electronic music across eastern Canada since the late 90's, starting from small private parties to some of the biggest venues available to an Atlantic Canadian electronic artist. In 2001 he was lucky enough to perform as the first live electronic artist at the ECMA's under the moniker "Putty". From that moment on the gig schedule has been steady. The change from live, synth driven performances was replaced by turntables and records shortly after. This lead to headlining slots at the Evolve Festival, at the infamous Electropolis, the Shoreline Festival, and at some of the largest clubs in the region (the Palace, the Dome, O2, Myron's). While working to perfect the craft of mixing, Donovan was also working to perfect his own music and with his writing partner, Jeff Math as the duo "Donairs". The release "Roller" was massively successful for two locals from the small out of the way island of PEI. The track was picked up by some of the worlds most reknowned DJs which skyrocketed the mp3 up the charts on Trackitdown and Stompy and stayed top10 for over 5 weeks, with a number 1 on Stompy. This opened the doors to a slew of releases and remixes with other labels, like Angel Alanis' "A-Squared Records", and Stan Kolev's USB Digital. In 2004 he was featured in Computer Music Magazine's "Future Producers" section and the track Dissolved in Blue was included in the CD insert.

As well as regular releases on well distributed labels, the track "Mules" won the duo a slot on Pete Tong's "Bedroom Bedllam" indie label. The track was voted on by thousands of people that tuned into Pete's BBC program and voted Mules #1 which was the first of 3 winners that eventually placed in the same monthly competition from the Atlantic region (other winners were Dezza, Dj Dono). The contest and eventual release garnered more attention and was a catalyst for many other subsequent releases on international labels.

Slap n' Beat Digital is an LA based label that took an interest in some of Donovan's earlier music, and enlisted a few remixes for the label launch. The label head Mando Soria went from acquaintance to good friend, and a good working relationship was established. The label has a very open policy with releases and has become a home for most of the latest release and mixes with a very open and loose promotion process. Most of the tracks on Slap n' Beat are available for free in the label's promo pool.

Releasing music in different forms did not slow down the rigorous gigging schedule. Since 2000 Donovan has found a home as a resident DJ in all of charlottetown's dance music clubs. The years of experience taken from places like Myron's (1200 person cap), the Wave (1000 person cap) has given Donovan the opportunity to showcase his ability at the most modern of PEI's dance clubs, Globe World Flavours. The show has gone from simple records and turntables to a more modernized show with turntables/time code, controlling lights, controlling live video, live A/V streaming and a persistent mix release schedule.

Friday, April 15 @ 12:00 am

Previously crowned champion of popular contest Bedroom Bedlam in 2009, Dezza's music is tickling ears all over the globe. Due to the win, things have started off very well for Dezza. His tunes and remixes have been signed to many respected labels within the Electronic music world (Proton, Starlight, Mango Alley, Silk, Olaris, Play Digital,

Premier, Pink Rabbit, and Nellie to name a few...)

With support of his music coming from heavy hitters like Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk, Markus Schulz, James Grant and many more, the future is looking very promising for this Nova Scotian based producer. In early 2010, Dezza launched his Label - Dezire Records.

With solid and strong releases scheduled, 2011 is shaping up to be a very special year!

Mat Trouble
Friday, April 15 @ 12:30 am

When you think of electronic music, you don't normally think of punk attitude, unless you’re thinking of Mat Trouble. Mat is the real deal; he combines years of angst and love for loud music into his own signature sound. He has an all out way of performing. He relentlessly produces tracks in Electro Grime, Breaks, Dub Step and many more genres.

Trouble is a two time DJ Olympic Gold Champion in the category of Drum and Bass who at one time used to be a snobby Drum and Bass DJ who knew nothing more. But through the years Mat has learned to respect and enjoy all things electronic and this has turned him into an unstoppable machine of energy. Trouble is always rearing to go and ready to please any crowd with his hard hitting bass and chugging drum lines.
Trouble is now known as one of the hardest working and most intense DJ/producers to come out of Atlantic Canada. His work has been featured on blogs around the globe including Nerdy Frames and Hypethembeats, and his own blog PickledBeats. He has remixed huge names like Odissi, Felix da Housecat, Maad Moiselle, even local girl Jenocide to name a few.
Mat has been recently signed to Noiseporn Records and Freak2Freak Records in Florida, USA. He has also found the attention of well known DJ and producer ,Robb G. Trouble has graced the decks with the likes of Le Castle Vania, Freaky flow, Sydney Blu and the Bloody Beet Roots.

Mat Trouble’s tenacious work ethic and passion for music could soon make him a household name for electronic music lovers. His debut albums "In Loud We Trust" and “My Tombstone” are now out on the streets. Trouble also has the #54 spot on the top 100 of the Juno Download list. Mat’s eagerly anticipated third release R.O.T.N (Revenge of the Nerd) will be out shortly. Surely, 2011 is the year it all happens.

Metro Housing Authority
Saturday, April 16 @ 11:35

(DJ Duo Adam Adler & Cam Harding on 4 decks)

Featuring Sean Weber (Live on the Saxophone and Synth)

Cam Harding & Adam Adler perform on 4 turntables combined with midi triggers and EFX to bring a fusion of precision 4 turntable DJ’ing and spontaneous live elements all wrapped up in a jackin, four on the floor groove.

Working under the production and performance alias “The Metro Housing Authority”. Adam & Cam blend live elements of House, Hip Hop, Reggae, Jazz, and Dub through funk-drenched, disco house and break-beats, incorporating all kinds of their own production along the way. You won't know what hit you after you check out these two doing their thing. Seriously.

The show also features Sean Weber (of Verbal Warning & Synchronics) doing his thing on the Saxophone and the Ewi (the synth you play like a sax). Sean blows minds and warps grooves with silky Saxophone solos and and crazy electro-synth riffs. Crazy-ass shit people!

The Modern Men
Friday, April 15 @ 10:30 pm

THE MODERN MEN are Fionn Chin-Yee, Jonah Bernstein, and Seth Bernstein. Based in Halifax and Toronto, the MEN write sensual grooves for their unwavering muse - The Modern Woman.

The band mixes traditional organic instruments with synths and beats to produce a sound that makes the listener want to both dance and cry, part of what is known as a multisensual experience. The first studio album was produced by Tim Baker (Matt Mays and El Torpedo) and engineered by Andrew Watt (The Heavy Blinkers), and is now available on iTunes.

The MEN are influenced by sophisticated elevator muzak such as Air and The Cinematic Orchestra, and French electro-pop such as Sebastian Tellier and Simone Elle est Bonne. They like to kick back with Chilly Gonzales, Mocky, The World Provider, The Puppetmastaz, Feist, and Stereo Total. They also have deep affections for roots musicians like Taj Mahal, JJ Cale, Leonard Cohen, Chic and Toots & the Maytals.

Saturday, April 16 @ 11:00 pm

Worker is the high energy, bass crunching, body moving solo project of 23 Bryan Oliver. He currently resides in St.John's Newfoundland. Always with an ear for electronic music, he followed that ear and learned how to produce and DJ.

While 2010 has been the start of a break out year for Worker, he has been actively producing his own tracks and dj'ing for three years. Releasing 3 digital EPs, many stand alone tracks, partaking in The RPM Challenge three years running and also partaking in and winning official remix contests including second place in a remix contest for Dim Mak's Felix Cartal. Worker is the first of few in the field of electronic music in Newfoundland & Labrador and has a bright vision of the future.

DJ Bones
Friday, April 15 @ 10:00pm

hi... my name is Marc Xavier LeBlanc... also known as "bones"(it's my nickname and dj name that i just can't rid of ;) i'm a photographer, lomographer, dj, artist, graphic designer, gig promoter and a radio show host. my life is based around music and the arts. i have my own radio show here in Canada called (((la photo sonore))). i've also guest hosted shows on CBC Radio 3 and been an east coast reporter for Radio Canada. I'm also a weekly guest on CBC Radio One's evening show called Shift where i spotlight french bands from all over Canada. i have a special love for sweet scandinavian indie pop rock music. i also host monthly events called ((IPN)) with bones at the Paramount Lounge here in Moncton, New Brunswick Canada, at the Capital Bar(Fredericton, NB), at Baba's Lounge(Charlottetown, PEI) and at Gus' Pub(Halifax, NS). if you're a cool band that makes great music i'd love to hear from you...

Blank Banshees
(Saturday, April 16 @ 12:00 am)

2 Boys/ Pat Driscoll /Curtis Ferguson, Ages 23/21
Both Producers, style Punk, Dance
Predominantly Instrumental with curt singing on some tracks

Band Formed In December 2010...Up until then we were both in a more conventional 'band' called "Shinjuku Mad". (which split up)

During this time we played festivals such as.. Sun Seeker, Salty Jam, Harvesting Arts etc..
Released 2 EPs And 1 Full length LP

But regardless we are now Blank Banshees.


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