Show Review - Urban Surf Kings @ Argyle Fine Art

Retro Sonic - Album Release
NOV. 12 2010
@ Argyle Fine Art

Review by Tiffany Naugler

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Urban Surf Kings, Retro Sonic album release show at Argyle Fine Art. Now, I have absolutely no experience with surf music at all, but i was told by multiple people that it was sure to be a great show.

When I walked into the gallery, it was apparent that the Surf Kings meant business. There was a little reception area, full of fantaistic goodies - including some fantastic cupcakes, complete with little surf board and king crown toppers - and a merch table covered with tonnes of cds for the purchasing. The whole front of the gallery had been transformed from standing, walk about gallery gazing space to a full stage, complete with light set up. An old church pew made seating in front of the "stage" and rows of chairs lined the whole one side of the gallery.

The show was scheduled to start at 8:30pm...
I am not used to shows starting so early, as my forte is pretty much limited to the bar scene, but it was a nice change. Even more suprising was the fact that people started to show up a whole hour before the show! FANTASTIC! People were mingling and enjoying the tasty treats in the reception area - the band took the stage at almost 8:30 sharp.

Urban Surf Kings 01

As soon as the first song was 30 seconds in, I had a smile on my face! What a great band for this type of venue. There were people dancing and the crowd were more than pleased during the entire set.
 Smiling faces were everywhere and there were even folks singing along.
My favorite part of the night was when the band decided to sport some lovely white construction hard hats... it was a puzzling moment until we all realized that the drummer was not going to use the drum kit for this song, instead - he was to use all the members heads! haha!
I actually got that display on video, so make sure to check that out.

Urban Surf Kings 03

Urban Surf Kings 02

All in all the night was a success in my eyes.
Everyone left in a good mood and in high spirits.

I hope to be present for more shows held at Argyle in the future.
Its a great little gallery that knows how to put on a great show!



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