About Us.

"Noisography has been vital to the scene since their launch and have only continued to grow and further develop their craft over the past few years" 
- Josh Hogan (Red Tentacle)

Photos, videos & interviews with Halifax's latest artist as well as chats with those who are just playing through.

Noisography, is a non-profit music blog & community, dedicated to bringing Canada's east coast's live music scene to the rest of the world.

Up to date info on what's happening in Canadian music as well as tibits from music scenes worldwide!

Above all, we are documentors of live music.
Sometimes the photos & videos are fancy, sometimes they're not - they are shot by professionals and amateurs alike.

We pride ourselves with collaborating with as many photographers, videographers, writers and artists as we possibly can, in order to collect and document the East Coast Music Scene, in one convenient spot. 

Want know what its like to take in a live music show or festival here in on the east coast?
This is the best place to be!

Our roots lie in live music photography as well as video clips, as we we have been diligently documenting the scene, since 2007.  

You will not find a larger collection of Halifax music photos and videos, anywhere else!

We have since expanded to include music news, albums reviews and pieces submitted by a guest writers. 

Noisography is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada but are also working with artists and PR companies outside of the East Coast (and Canada) to bring you as much new music as possible.

Noisography Voted into the TOP 30 in CBC Radio 3's 2011 Searchlight competition for the Best Music Website in Canada    


It takes a village to raise a child, or so they say.
Noisography takes that little saying to heart and works with a great group of individuals in order to bring you a wide variety of opinions, writing styles and photo/film styles, to keep you on your toes.

Tiffany Naugler

Noisography is Tiffany's pride and joy. 
From the time she began work on the site, back in 2009, she has dedicated almost every free moment of her time, making Noisography, the success it is today.

She has since built a large portfolio of bands which she has worked with and photographed, including Morbid Angel, Deerhoof, Five Finger Death Punch, Mastadon, Judas Priest, Mariana's Trench, Fucked Up, Opeth, Mogwai, Papa Roach, Our Lady Peace, Danny Brown and many more.

Awarded  Bronze, three years in a row, in The Coast's Best Of Music Readers Poll for Best Music Photographer (2013, 2012 and  2011), Tiffany is regularly seen out and about, photographing bands all around the city of Halifax, all year round. 

Her photos have been published via the CBC Radio 3 website, The Coast, The Metro and countless online blogs around the world.

She was also nominated for Media Professional of the Year 2012 by Music Nova Scotia.

Tiffany also has her hands, deep in the social media pot, helping to maintain a social media presence for the Evolve Music & Awareness Festival & Messtival.

Dan "Megadan" Nightingale
Videographer/Film Editor 

Dan has been an active member of the Halifax music scene since 2005 playing with numerous acts over the years like The Bad Motels, Tomcat Combat, The Voice of RussiaMVMNTS, and his newest project NOR

He has worked with Noisography since it's inception, co-founding the site with current showrunner Tiffany Naugler and contributing albums reviews, live show overviews, photos, videos, editing and much more. 

Sarina Wilson 
Journalist - MONTREAL

Sarina has been contributing to Noisography, on and off, since the blogs early beginnings. As one of the site's first volunteers, she is the longest standing Noisography contributor.

Sarina currently calls the city of Montreal her home and she is still working hard on bringing us new music from her neck of the woods. She can still be seen repping us at East Coast music festivals, such as Follyfest & Future Forest, as well using her new venture Homemade Collective to help bridge the Halifax/Montreal music gap.


Ryan Hahn - Photographer/Videographer
Worldmind - Media production - TORONTO
Mitzy Von Twinkle - Journalist/Comedy
Heather Doran - Journalist/Video Editor
Josh "Pinky" Pothier - Show Overviews/Album Reviews
Mario Gautreau - Album Reviews 
Kyle Hodder - Show Overviews 
Caitlin Campbell - Show Overviews/Album Reviews
Matthieu Cormier - Album Reviews
Trevor Savory - Album Reviews
Jonah Haché - Show/Album Reviews
Isaac Thompson - Show/Album Reviews
Mark Laffin - Album Reviews
Mike Hiltz - Album Review 
Ryan Murray Hahn - Photographer
Evan Pooley - Photographer
Martin - Album Reviews
Ira Henderson - Album Reviews
Alex Goyetche - Album Reviews
GDK - Album Reviews
Ian Kean - Videographer/Album Reviews/Show Overviews
Stan Béland - Photography/ Show Overviews

Danielle Albert - Photography
Kathleen Leaman - Writer
Gillian Naugler - Photography
Graeme Peters - Writer