Fresh From the Basement: Gun Jr.

New Halifax band, Gun Jr. has debuted their 1st single, "Wolf" from their upcoming full- length album and it's a doozy! The track, flooded with catchy guitars, upbeat drums and distorted vocals is exactly what I needed to get me going this morning!

Check out more on Gun Jr. below:

Photo by Nicholas Laugher

Band Name: Gun Jr.
Genre: Punk rock
Location: Halifax


Jordan Doucet, David R. Elliott, Greg Toole and Patrick Wafer.

Influences (musical / non musical):

The Replacements, Nirvana, Charles Austin, Pro Wrestling, Skateboarding

How did you all meet & start as a band?  

We're all New Brunswickers who spent a lot of time together in Fredericton. Jordan and David R. have toured together as solo acts. Jordan, Pat and Greg played together previously in a band called The Arlens. We started jamming together as Gun Jr. near the end of 2016.

Do you write as a band or is there a main songwriter?

Jordan is the primary songwriter - we're taking songs he's been writing solo for a few years and working them out as a band for a full length album.

Could you tell us about your jam space?

We jam and record at Echo Chamber Audio in Halifax. Major credit goes to Charles Austin for offering that space to us, he is the most chill, generous and perfect man on the East Coast, and we love him.

Why are you in this band?

Because we're best friends and punk rock rules and what else would we want to be doing than making music with our best friends?

What can audiences expect from your live show?

 Our biggest influence as a band is the Replacements - we try and extend that to our live show. Fast, loud and belligerent.

Any upcoming shows/releases/ events/ news you want to tell us about? 

We're working on an album that we hope to release later this summer. Our next show is at the Modular Mansion in Halifax on Thursday June 15 with two other acts, Joe Fish and The Cormorants. We also play at Jacob's Lounge in Darmouth at the end of July (I honestly forget the date but I can confirm and get back to you on that) and are booking shows for the rest of the summer.

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