A Decade of Noise: Bucket Truck @ Ceilidh Connection, April 21st 2003.

I can't even believe I found these!
This was the first ever real show I went to, after moving to Halifax, for University.
While walking back from class one afternoon I saw a poster saying that Bucket Truck were playing the Ceilidh Connection and figured, why not!

I ended up at the show, with that clunker of a Sony Mavica camera and a pocket of floppys and my mind was blown! This is when I fell in love with the Halifax music scene. A cramped cafe, full of metal heads, in the middle of the day, with music so loud that when vocalist Matt Wells screamed, it actually cracked the entire store front window!

I managed to grab these few grainy photos during the set.
Was anyone else at this show? Details are fuzzy over what exactly happened with that window but, it happened! Check it out! you can see the cracks behind the drummer shot here...


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