A Decade of Noise: Sharp Like Knives & Windome Earl July 29th 2005

To celebrate Noisography's 10th birthday, we're working on bringing some of our oldest archived photos and videos to the blog.

Keep an eye on our socials too & follow our #adecadeofnoise hashtag to enjoy the walk down memory lane!

To start off, we have a few photos from Stage Nine, back in 2005.
I'm pretty sure I took these photos with a digital point and shoot camera, that I nabbed from the lost & found at work. My previous camera (a Sony Digital Mavica  - which only took floppy disks I might add) was just not cutting it so the free point and shoot seemed to be the best route to go.

The photos are few & blurry but I love them all the same.
We saw a lot of Sharp Like Knives & Windome Earl back in the day and honestly, I'd love to see both of them do reunion shows!


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