Honey Beard returns with their new album 'Dreamless Sleep', released worldwide March 17th, with the luck of the Irish on their side. Just a few days later, the duo showcased their synth-invaded transmissions at Toronto's Junction City Music Hall, with this highly anticipated album drop. 'Dreamless Sleep', the title track of the album, satisfies that Depeche-mode inspired synth-pop craving.Tom Bell and Gary Conlon transport you through their reflections, as their vocals float over their harmonizing synths.

Filmed and directed by Shawn Hook Carleton, the video serves as a perfect visual representation of their smokey, tripped-out live show. Fun fact, the music video was entirely lit by lasers, and a portion was filmed during the Toronto Light Festival this past winter. This showcases their innovation in light manipulation, as light imitates the art of sound. Beneath Honey Beard’s veil of smoke and lasers lies more lasers. Beneath those lasers, a deeper story unfolds. One of broken promises in our political system, a warning that if we don't do something we will be swallowed up by the earth in some earthly retribution. Another call to wake up/face/and decide our destiny before it's too late.

To get a taste of what Honey Beard is all about, you can catch them play their live sets at either Canada Music Week in Toronto on April 20th (at Longboat Hall) or at M Bar in Montreal on April 29th. Check out their website for up-to-date tour info, and stay current with their happenings via Twitter and Facebook, and Tumblr.  'Dreamless Sleep' is available via SpotifyGoogle Play, and iTunes.

Sarina Wilson


Adrien Deveau said...

Honey Beard does it again! These guys never cease to impress me. Two creative minds working together to bring us well composed and crafted music!

Denis Cormier said...

This is crazy good :O