Halifax Pop Explosion - Night #1 (a quick overview)

We arrived at the Marquee for Toronto's Greys, who's thundering drums and feedback soaked guitars filled the room as quickly as the crowd, excited for the kick off of another Halifax Pop Explosion.

More on Greys:

White Lung took the Canadian indie punk formula and warped it, mashing wavering 80's chorus guitars and pounding drum beats into an energetic set. Downstairs the Seahorse, Mega Bog took things slower and lower to great effect, with perfectly restrained drums and chiming guitars glued together with tight and melodic bass lines.

More on White Lung:

More on Mega Bog:

Freelove Fenner kept up the vibe with a dynamic set that interwove dueling guitars, warbling synths, and soaring vocals. It was an excellent study in contrasts and while the high energy sets upstairs were great for jumping and rocking out, downstairs was a listeners experience, with never a dull moment between them.

More on Freelove Fenner:

PUP returns to Halifax for the first time in 3 years and perfectly exemplifies what 3 years of touring and recording can do to a band. Combing every element of the greats bands show cased already, Pup hits every note, every vocal, every drum beat with perfect urgency and energy. These guys might be the tightest rock/pop/punk band in Canada right now, every bit as polished live as on record, and positively joyful to be playing for an eager crowd.

For more on PUP:http://www.puptheband.com/

Stay tuned for more!
Off we go, onward to night #2!!
See you out there!

For more info on Halifax Pop Explosion check out their website!


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