Messtival 6.66 - The Worst.

by Dan Nightingale

Worst. Festival. Ever.

What more is there to say about you? How short you are, how far away, how bumpy your awful dirt road is. You arrive after a long, hot car ride, where you're forced to park your car mere meters from the path along which are dotted camp sites in the woods, no doubt full of bugs and tiny mean snakes. Then, they have the nerve to start the music on time, right in the afternoon! And not only that, but they put on great bands with no filler at all - it's just rush rush rush!

This years Messtival organizers were even so cruel as to throw in a rain shower in the middle of the otherwise hot and sweaty afternoon, just to give everyone a refreshing break before busting into more sunshine and a beautiful warm evening. And still they didn't stop the music! Hit after hit, folkly, dancy, funky bands that just wouldn't stop playing, even while you trekked hundreds of centimeters away from the stage just to buy fresh grilled cheeseburgers or bounce in a (probably smelly) bounce house.

How much more awful could they make one weekend? How about losing at video games projected onto a giant wall, or duck races with barely any flaming crashes, or having to look at wild art just appearing before your eyes? I bet they didn't even put out any pokelures!

Finally, after one last wretched interstellar dance rock extravaganza, they even shut down the music and let all the old people fall asleep, while the young-un's trekked through the woods to find even more music going until all hours of the morning!

I, for one, was glad to see it come to an end, as we can finally start the countdown until the next Messtival.

 Hail Satan.

We did managed to capture a few videos of this shit hole.

Feel free to browse our Messtival 6.66 Youtube playlist here:

Playlist includes videos from Easy Numbers, Tupperware Remix Party, Nebullama, Industribe, After Funk and so many more!


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