FestiSnapZ - Evolve Festival 2016

This year, at the 2016 Evolve Festival, Noisography did something a little different.
With some help from the Evolve organisers, we traveled to a farm just outside Beersville New Brunswick to capture the beautiful faces of the Evolve Festival with, our new brand, FestiSnapZ.

FestiSnapZ is a diy roaming photo booth, set up to allow festival goers to get their festival portraits, on the fly, and to personalize their photos to give an accurate representation of their festival experience.

Check out the full range of photos below.
Use the #festisnapz and #evolvesnapz hashtags to find them on Instagram.

Photos: Tiffany Naugler
Assistant: Lexie Mahoney

Email noisography@gmail.com for info on having FestiSnapZ at your festival!


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