Exclusive Video Release of Honey Beard's 'Drive'


Honey Beard, a Toronto-based synth band who never leave home without their lasers, just dropped a tasty new video for their single Drive. The title track from their EP Thousand Million Things perfectly personifies the Canadian-Irish duo's darker essence. As the melodic waves crash into your imagination, giving way to shadowy deep bass, the swell of poetic vocals drag you back in. Tom Bell and Gary Conlon's creation of Thousand Million Things exemplifies a pivot in the ever rising synth movement. By melding 80's synth pop melodies with a pounding drumbeat, a moody ambient groove is produced. The mid-tempo flow trickles down through every song,  hooking you like a sneaky Jedi with his mind tricks.

With an eclectic live show (yes of course, complete with dreamy visuals) Honey Beard packs dance floors all the way from their stomping grounds of Toronto to the emerald isle of Ireland. Check out their website for up-to-date tour info, and stay current with their happenings via Twitter and Facebook as this pair are hilariously entertaining.

Without further ado, I present to you Drive.

Sarina Wilson

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