Fresh From the Basement - VAKVNT

Get to know the up and coming talent in the East Coast/Canadian music scenes, with our new segment, Fresh From The Basement. We're getting the goods on the new music these bands are creating and where you can check them out live!

Band Name: Vakvnt
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal/ D.S.B.M.
Location: Halifax, N.S. Canada

Band Members:
Vulpes - vox,
Apeira - lead guitar/ keys
Kovmissioner - rhythm guitar
Komiti - bass guitar
Malakoff - on drums

Influences (musical / non musical): Fractals...the wind through trees, space, melancholy.

How did you all meet & start as a band? 

Vulpes and Kovmissioner we in a band together that split up so we formed a black metal cult...Vulpes asked Malakoff to play drums and he said yes...then Apeira wanted to try her hand at guitar in a band...(shes also a keyboardist and plays keys on our upcoming demo). Then Komiti came onto the bass ...and here we are!

So you write as a band or is there a main songwriter? 

We all have our role. Apeira and Kovmissioner usually come up with the guitar first...then Malakoff and Komiti put the drums and bass en Vulpes writes the lyrics and fits them into the song.

Tell us about your jam space?

It is called the Church of Destruction and its in a basement with several rooms. Mostly metal bands jam there. We're all family.
[We jam] once a week as a couple of us are quite busy with other

Why are you in this band?
 To get our message people like us don't feel alone..and also so I don't kill anyone. It's a good vent outlet.

What can audiences expect from your live show?
Shock most likely.

Any upcoming shows/releases/ events/ news you want to tell us about?
We've only had a couple shows so far ..with Wilt.....and more recently AHNA....but we will have our demo release very soon. It is being mixed in Ontario right now.

Where can we access your music?
For now we have a couple live vids up thanks to you!...on our FB page which we just made.

 Not everyone gets our style of music..but those that do...this is for you my dark brothers and sisters!


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