ALBUM STREAM: Debut LP From FOSSIL CLIFFS, Enter the Realm.

Formed in 2014, Fossil Cliffs began as a vehicle of expression for frontman Mike D’Eon (Kuato). Following the release of the self-titled EP on which D’Eon recorded all the instruments, he enlisted some of his fellow Acadian Embassy denizens (members of Quiet ParadeDance Movie) to fill out the rest of the line up. Together they hunkered in the basement of the Embassy and at Halifax’s renowned Echo Chamber to record their debut LP, Enter the Realm.

Hazy guitars and keyboards hand-in-hand with crisp punctual sludge-pop rhythms characterize a unique sound on Enter the Realm. Songs like “Tearing My Heart Out” feature bass lines filled with gusto that draw comparisons to Black Mountain’s sludgier side. Fossil Cliffs show their influences on “Federation Law,” with Black Lips-like twangy riffs and experimental keyboards that create a delirium over steady rock n’ roll rhythms.

Check out Fossil Cliffs LIVE tomorrow at Gus' Pub, along with Beauts & The Age

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