TWRP: Guarding The Zone at Lee's Palace, Toronto.

A Review of The TWRP, GOTZ EP release show.

By: Chris Murphy

Tupper Ware Remix Party has grown a lot over the past ten years.
From humble east coast house party routes in the mid 2000's to the Streets of Toronto in 2010.
Now seemingly their global domination is finally spearheading through to the hearts of the global market.

After they've seemingly been rocking the shit out of Galaxy's far far away.
(So goes the kayfabe back story of a band that has travelled time and space it's very self.)
They decided what better time and space to host the release of their new EP Guardians of the Zone; then at the prestigious Lee's Palace located on the fabled Bloor Street of Toronto.

They did not come alone either in this fight. Their allies against the evil haters of boredom and general madness on this night were none other then the sonic talents of A.A. Wallace and the dynamic duo that is Scientists of Sound.

Wandering into Lee's you'll notice the vast open space with a lowered dance floor and a high up stage.
Plenty of room to shake a tail feather or hang along the sides and enjoy a cold one.

I've been to Lee's before to see TWRP perform and those nights were good.
However this night was something special.

A.A. Wallace was wrapping up their set  when Pat and I had arrived.
I hadn't experienced the band before.
They were cast in an all blue light, the band wailing away with a harmonic pitch that made me feel like I should be apart of Tron.
They're a band I've come to enjoy and look forward to their next adventure.

During the setup for SOS.
I strolled over to the Merch Zone which was guarded by T.V commercial celebrity
Bruce Bigscreens.

We chatted about all things new and old to which I discovered his new band Dinosaur Island will be performing at Free Times Cafe on May 7th. I made a note of it and plan to attend.
Before long Scientists of Sound made their way to the stage commencing their brand of sonic justice to the unexpected masses.
Much like previous SOS performances it did not take long at all to kick the crowd into a frenzy, they truly are the perfect choice of band to get the crowd hyped for the evenings main event.
If you're not familiar with the work of these two sonic madmen I encourage you to take some time to revel in their glory.

The show must go on and soon TWRP would take to the stage.
Lee's Palace would find its self packed to the gills with a crowd mixed of old fans and new.
Mostly new, since the release of their collaborative music videos and CD Under The Covers with the YouTube famous musical duo of NinjaSexParty.

The fan base of Tupper Ware Remix Party affectionately known as Tup-Tups has grown exponentially and I couldn't be happier to see the fruitions of their long journey finally come to pass.

On this night the release of their most anticipated EP yet.
TWRP were truly The Princes of The Universe.

The awaiting crowd began a frenzied uniform chant of Daniel Bryan-esque "Yes-Yes" chants mixed with "TWéRP-TWéRP" until the four piece entity know only as Tupper Ware Remix Party made the stage.
The crowd erupting into a rainbow shitting madness.
The cockles of my heart filled with great joy. This is where it begins.

They immediately rip out a couple of classics from their EP's Believe In Your Dreams and 2nite before they serenaded the crowd with the entirety of Guardians Of The Zone front to back.
Sprinkled with a couple of classic covers Take on Me and Jump to name a couple.

The Jokes were plenty, The music was infectious and the crowd was left exhausted.

When all was said and done the gentle aliens of TWRP stuck around for the fans, Greeting them with smiles, hugs, camera flashes, and merch signing.

Four creatures of the universe finding their place in time and carving a historic path before all to witness.

In the 1970's a generation of youth had their KISS.
40 years later a new generation will have TWRP.

Chances are if you're reading this you always know and love TWRP.
If by chance this is your first experience hearing about Tupper Ware Remix Party.
Then what are you waiting for get on it and download Guardians Of The Zone now get hyped and go see TWRP the first chance you get.

For I promise you that they are a party you do not want to miss.

To see the action in motion check out the video below.


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