LongWalkShortDock & Friends (Photos & Video)

LongWalkShortDock & Friends LIVE in Halifax
by Tiffany Naugler

I have to admit, I pulled a completely girly move by showing up to this show super late due to having fantastic hair, meaning I only got to catch two performances the entire evening.
The Marquee & The Seahorse were filled to the brim with excited, spirit hooded and face paint donned festival goers, chomping at the bit for the beginning of the east coast's much loved festival season. With but a but a few short months to pack in as much summertime fun as possible, it's safe to say we all kicked things off right with this show.

The first performance I caught was the self proclaimed, Reggae/ Dancehall/ Psychedelic/ Rudesound outfit, Dub Kartel. I've seen these guys many times over the years, but that night, they were in top form. Enthusiastically running back and forth across the stage while belting out tune after tune, not missing a note - these guys are true performers. Engaging the crowd & making them part of the show,  Dub Kartel created a festival family experience, a preview of things to come on bigger stages throughout the summer.

After a quick trip to the bar for another vitamin O (Olands, a locally brewed beer, for all of you non Haligonians), I headed back to the front of the stage to scout out a spot for Longwalkshortdock.

Let's just start off by saying, that I've had a thing with Longwalkshortdock now, since about 2013, when I first encountered him at the Evolve Festival.
I have never, in all my run ins with musicians of any genre, seen anyone "give it" quite like Dave does.

Watching him is kind of like watching a meteor come crashing to earth.
You start off with this, "what's that?" kind of feeling...
This tall, long haired guy, walks out on stage, sporting a sort of maniacal grin. You can tell he's pretty much as excited as the crowd, which makes the anticipation of what's about to happen grow even stronger.

After a stuffed shark, which covers the microphone and looks down on the gadget filled keyboard stand, receives what looks like a pep talk, Longwalkshortdock launches into a bass heavy, strobe lit, musical frenzy!

The meteor has fucking landed guys!
and it landed HARD.

The crowd instantly started jumping up and down while waves of hair, sweat and beer started flying.
It was magnificent chaos.

Visuals by WASKO & PSYPHI perfectly accompanied the spastic, sweaty, "video games in space"  performance, which made for an incredible assault on the senses. The whole venue was on their feet with their hands in the air, begging for more.

The longer the set went on, the more that maniacal grin Dave donned when he first walked out on stage turned into a full on look of complete madness. He was so into what he's doing on stage that he almost looked possessed by the music. Driving deep into some drum and bass tunes, no one knew which direction he would take next.

The music drove on, till the house lights of the Marquee finally started to come up.

Needless to say, the place was a sweaty mess by the time we all piled out into the back parking lot, to collect our thoughts on what just happened. "Holy shit that was awesome!" I heard one guy yell. Another grabbed a friend by the arm saying, "did you fucking see that?"

To no surprise, this Halifax audience had their minds sufficiently blown.


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