GET MASHED with NOISOGRAPHY & LASERSQUID then head to the OFFICIAL AFTERPARTY w/ Stööki Sound @ Reflections

We are pleased to announce, that in collaboration with our friends at HOME BASS, you can now party all night long with the REVOLT! crew!

Reflections Cabaret is now host to the OFFICIAL REVOLT AFTERPARTY this Friday night!

Once The Argyle closes it's doors on the Noisography /Lasersquid Presents Revolt! Mashed Potatoes Ep Release, keep the party rollin' all night long w/ Stööki Sound, KDZ, Giordani, Nick Hood , Mixre, DJ Dollar & Charlie Dayne!

Check out all the info below.

HOME BASS, Rise Hali & Second World Collective presents:
LAST CLASS w/ Stööki Sound - [Infinity North American Tour]

Come celebrate the end of this school year and the TRILLest event of this year!!

Stööki Sound:

Support Acts: KDZ // Giordani // Nick Hood // Mixre // DJ Dollar // Charlie Dayne

Present your REVOLT! bracelet or stamp at the door and receive a 50% discount on entry! 
ONLY $7.00!!

It's going to be off the hook!


Noisography + Lasersquid Presents Revolt! Mashed Potatoes Ep Release 

LAST CLASS w/ Stööki Sound - [Infinity North American Tour]


Reflections Cabaret



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