NOISOGRAPHY & LASERSQUID MUSIC GET MASHED Producer Brothers Celebrate With Good Friday Mashed Potatoes Themed Party At Argyle Nightclub

Press Release via Lasersquid Music

Local music blog Noisography has joined forces with indie electronic music record label Lasersquid Music to celebrating the latest homegrown release “Mashed Potatoes” from Halifax-based producers/siblings JonBob and Chairman Meow. A part of the monthly Revolt series, the party goes down on Friday, April 3 from 10PM to 2AM. JonBob and Chairman Meow are headlining with special guests Snug and Dartmouthian warming up the dance floor. The venue will be transformed head to toe with what is being referred to as “extensive mashed potato decor” (whatever that means) with Sean Penny providing live visual projections all night long.

The 6 track split EP, 3 songs from each artist, will be available as of midnight April 3rd at as a pay-what-you-can (even nothing) download. The release showcases the unique music from these two artists that has seen them them perform at nightclubs and festivals across Canada. Mixing elements of Drum & Bass, UK Hardcore, and many other electronic genres, the brothers have stumbled into a niche unlike anything else being made in the world right now. JonBob, producer and co-founder of LaserSquid Music jokingly dubs the music “Scotian Hardcore”, (mostly because he wants to name a genre in print) saying that while it blends influences from across the globe, particularly in the United Kingdom, the bros have cooked up a sonic experience that can only be found in Halifax and the surrounding region. (for now.) Hard and fast electronic rhythms mesh with upbeat melodies and a sense of humor that revels in mashing classic can-con anthems into contemporary dancefloor destroyers. Tracks such as JonBob's “Lovers In A Dangerous Time” and Chairman Meow's “Big Loada Potatoes” are two such songs, with the sampling adding a dose of patriotic nostalgia to an otherwise futuristic body of work.

This is the first release of the year for Halifax-based LaserSquid Music, with many more to come as the snow thaws, exposing a winters worth of gross and yuck. The label also plays host to the intimate series of all-night parties known as Kollektiv, and its members have served on the organizing committees of the popular Future Forest and Hopscotch festivals.

For more info on the REVOLT! Mashed Potatoes Themed Party, check out the Facebook event:


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