Drunk Mom Does Nova Scotia Music Week 2014 - PREVIEW

As we slide into the bitter cold of November, while so many of my compatriots are packing up and heading south to Florida for the winter, ol’ Drunk Mom here has a better way to warm up. Later this week I’ll pack my own bag and head to Truro for Nova Scotia Music Week; I’ll heat things up by dancing my nights away to the sounds of Nova Scotia’s finest. Between Champions, The Split Crow and the Holiday Inn, your favourite loud-mouth mom should have no trouble finding a good whiskey sour and some killer music to keep her happy. You can find my updates and interviews here on Noisography all weekend, and my up to the minute drunk ramblings on Twitter at @DearDrunkMom. There’s way too much amazing music happening all weekend to pick favourites, but here’s a few folks I’m excited to awkwardly dance to.

Jay Mayne
This rapper, skateboarder and member of ODOD Collective is probably the most charming performer you’re going to see this weekend (Drunk Mom never puts down her drink, but she’ll throw down a gauntlet), and if you miss him, you’ll get no sympathy from Drunk Mom; that’ll be on you. His Twitter bio calls him socially awkward, but I think he’s kind of socially awesome.

I’m kind of madly in love with the video for his remix of Pound Cake, which highlights Mayne’s rap and skate skills, as well as the eerie beauty of Dartmouth.

Like A Motorcycle

Everyone knows Drunk Mom’s got a soft spot for these wild women. My favourite Disco Punks capped off their busy summer by winning the Atlantic Film Festival’s 10x10 music video competition; they’re going to celebrate by rocking the Legion to its foundation on Saturday night and buying their fave Drunk Mom lots and lots of drinks.


About 5 million years ago, I was the school reading partner of a lil’ baby Justin Murphy. This has no relevance to Walrus’s current awesomeness, but I think it’s cute. Everyone knows mom’s love trippy, psychedelic guitars (Drunk Moms especially), because they make us feel young again. If I focus on the music and forget that I knew them when their shoes still had Velcro, I can get lost in their freak-out symphony. I suggest you do the same. Here’s their latest, yours for the taking, recorded by the incomparable Charles Austen http://walrustheband.bandcamp.com/

Cyndi Cain- is Halifax’s favourite soul singer, and she’s shared the stage with everyone from Symphony Nova Scotia to Michael Bublé. Kids, she opened for Aretha! ARETHA! With a killer band that includes drumming wunderkind J.R Smith, Cyndi puts on the kind of show that makes sitting still impossible and smiling til your face hurts inevitable.

Watch this and try not to dance. I dare you.

Roxy & the Underground Soul Sound

Drunk Mom sure loves her big money winners. Led by a little lady with a huge voice, or the “five foot firecracker of funk”, this six piece won this year’s Galaxy Rising Star competition at the Halifax Jazz Festival, gaining a $5000 boost and more than one standing (and dancing) ovation. The group hauls the classic vibes of Mowtown and Stax into the 21st century and gets audiences up out of their seats. Here they are earlier this year, chatting and generally blowing you away. 


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