Festival Overview: FeelsGood Follyfest 2014

Photos and recap by Sarina Wilson

Oh FeelsGood Folly Fest, back again in the quaint Village Of Gagetown for yet another year of musical insanity, live art instillations, fire spinning, a craft marketplace, beautiful people and of course Picaroons beer. The grounds looking as spectacular as ever, as festi goers far and wide join together for this year's heavy hitting line-up, featuring , Pimps of Joytime, ManMan, Ganja Giri, Grand Analog, Pavlo, Little Miss Higgins, Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra, Gypsophilia, and Ben Caplin just to name a few.  Of course no Folly would be complete without the usual suspects The Hornitz , The Caravan, Gordon gets Lost, Dub Kartel, Coyote, Jinx the Cat, Killawail and many others that rounded out this Folly this year.

The Silent Disco returns with rhythms that kept the crowd bumping all night long. The Hornits, Scout, Betsy white, Giordani, Daryl & His Boogie Buttons, DMayne event, Butch Tail, Stephen Lewis & The Big Band of One, MKW, KDZ, Metro Gnohm, and Bryan Raydio, Hypestria. Pumping tunes through 2 channels keeping the party going until the wee hours of the morn.

Again I am blown away by the amazing talent that encompass the very soul of FollyFest, from the fire spinners of Industribe, to the Feels good crew painting the magic as it unfolds. There is no shortage of creativity in the air, and I can’t wait to be a part of this experience next year.  

Here is a link to all the Photo’s I snapped while at FeelsGood Folly Fest 2014

Sarina Wilson

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