EVOLVE 2014! Are You Ready?

Here we are. One week away from one of the Martimes most influential events, Evolve Festival.
In seven days, thousands of people will gather atop a large hill located in the quiet countryside of Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Hula hoops, costumes, body paint and bare feet will reign supreme and music will be heard and felt for a non stop 72 hrs.

Many call Evolve, a life changing experience, and I for one wouldn't disagree. There is a certain unexplainable something that happens to you while you're up there.  Through music, dance and the undeniable sense of unbridled freedom, all the complications and hardships of everyday life seem to melt away. 

Evolve isn't just a music festival, it's like a restart button for your soul - that just happens to be accompanied by a wicked soundtrack.

July 11th to 13th, Evolve boasts a hefty line-up this year, including Peaches, Grandmaster Flash, Hey Rosetta!, Keys & Krates and DJ Grandtheft. There are a slew of returning artists, That 1 Guy, Fred Penner, Scientist of Sound, Slowcoaster and  Dub Kartel to name a few. The infamous Jimmy Swift Band have reunited, and will be giving their final huarrah on  the main stage by performing "The Return of Hooch" in it's entirety. My bet - it will probably be a good time.

It's at this point, being a 10 year Evolve veteran, I thought I would offer up some survival tips, to prepare you, for the weekend of your life. You're camping on a giant hill, in the middle of summer, for 3 days, with thousands of people. There are just some things that you should probably know.

MOST IMPORTANT (and most commonly forgotten about) PLEASE drink lots of water. AND wear lots of sunscreen/stay in shaded areas if you`re feeling a tad overheated. 
Evolve is a BYOB festival, which is AMAZING, but don't forget to pack the water! It's hot out there. Sometimes, stupid hot. The kind of hot that makes you feel like a sticky blob of gross. Sure, that cold beer goes down nice, but try to pace yourself. Dehydration & heat stroke suck, and there is nothing worse than having to spend all night in your tent (possibly tossing all your cookies) while all your friends are out partying.

Nights are cold.

Yup. That sticky, gross hot afternoon, usually turns into a chilly and damp evening. Now, depending on who your are, depends on how chilly obviously. There are people who are running around half naked at all hours, but if you`re not one of those crazy individuals, you may want to bring some layers to pile on at night. I`m personally a fan of the hat & scarf route. Keeps you warm without a lot of bulk, so you can still dance with ease. 

PS. SOCKS! sock and sneakers or boots or something. This is one of the most common complaint from newbies, that I've encountered. No one likes cold wet feet at 3am.

The Vendors are amazing!

The Village, is set up in the heart of the festival grounds and is filled with many different food options. Vegetarian, vegan, gluten free or full out carnivore, there is usually something for everyone. So if living off granola bars and sandwiches isn't your thing or you just don't want to bother packing and lugging large coolers/BBQs up the hill to your campsite, NO WORRIES. Evolve has you covered. I prefer bringing some extra cash and having at least one amazing meal a day. Nothing really recharges your batteries after a hard night of dancing, quite like a large cup of fair trade coffee and a hot breakfast!

Toilet Paper.

No real explanation here. Bring extra TP. You'll thank yourself  for that one quickly.

Baby/Hygienic wipes & hand sanitizer

Again, you are camping out on a giant hill, in the middle of summer, for 3 days, with thousands of people - and you probably feel real dirty. 

- There are usually $5 showers available in the village. 
- There is also a fantastic river to take a dip in. Just make sure to bring your biodegradable soap! (Think of the fishys!).

The best way I've found to date, to rid yourself of daily grime, is to take a baby wipe bath in the tent. They are quick and convenient! The wipes are also really good for keeping feet clean before you dig into your socks for the night.

The hand sanitizer is well, awesome for sanitizing your hands! 

(Who would have guessed eh?) 
Those wash stations next to the port-o-johns? Yea, that's recycled water, from the previous washer, being pumped out onto your hands. A couple of hours after being cleaned, I don't trust those things. (PS. Please don't brush your teeth in those... gross). The port-o-johns usually have hand sanitizer stations in them, but just like the toilet paper, that stuff goes fast. I recommend keeping your own personal stash.

Rain gear!

Yea, rain sucks- but it almost always happens.
If you're one of those people who can just dance freely in the rain, with no care in the world, I applaud you! If you're like me, you'll want to invest in some boots, a rain jacket, or even just a cheap umbrella. I've been carrying an umbrella up there with me for years now and hey, it doubles as shade in the sun! It can even be used as a crowd prop, like "Mr. Glow Jelly Fish", who has been frequenting Evolve for the past couple years or so.

Lastly on the survival list... MISC STUFF OF AWESOME!

Glow sticks, body paints, hand drums, acoustic guitars, glitter, wigs, over sized glasses and costumes of any sort! This is a festival that celebrates self expression! So just go for it! 

For a more in depth idea of what and whatnot to bring to Evolve, please check out the info section the festival website.


Noisography will be on site this year, to celebrate 15 years of Evolve. We'll shooting a mini doc about the festival and we're excited to see you all, up on that magical hill! If you see 2 chicks running around with a microphone and a camera, come on over and tell us how your doing! We'd love to talk to you! We will also periodically be stationed at the CKDU info tent, if you'd like to come say hello!


Eastern Canada’s top outdoor festival continues to Evolves for its milestone 15th edition  
The 15th Annual Evolve Music and Awareness Festival
July 11-13th, 2014
Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada
$178.50 advance tickets on sale now online + at retailers across the Maritimes

Featuring; Peaches, Grandmaster Flash, Hey Rosetta!, Keys N Krates, DJ Grandtheft, A.Paul, Randy, Mr. Lahey, Lucy, Sarah & Trinity of Trailer Park Boys, BADBADNOTGOOD, Zach Deputy, Delhi 2 Dublin, The Funk Hunters, Fred Penner, That 1 Guy, Smalltown DJs,  Funkanomics, Scientists Of Sound, Old Man Luedecke, Slowcoaster, DJ Dezza, Timothy Wisdom, Royal Canoe & The Jimmy Swift Band
+ over 100 more bands, solo artists & DJs on 5 stages!

Official Site: www.evolvefestival.com
Twitter: @evolvefestival

From its humble beginnings in 2000 as a small, grassroots gathering, Evolve has literally evolved into unquestionably the top outdoor festival in Eastern Canada and one of the essential summer gatherings in the entire country. Over the weekend of July 11-13th in the spectacular rolling hills of the Annapolis Valley in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, thousands of people who love great music and our planet in equal measure will gather for Evolve’s milestone 15th edition.

Once again, Evolve will offer an incredibly array of musical talent -- over 100 bands and DJs on five stages. As always, the festival will feature some of the most exciting acts representing a huge range of musical styles from Canada and around the world, while staying true to its mandate of supporting Eastern Canadian artists. More than merely a music festival, Evolve is an immersive experience where attendees can savour camping in a gorgeously scenic location and nourish their mind, body and soul with delicious food, crafts, sustainable living skills and knowledge, the healing arts and more. Thousands of people will return to this beloved festival, joined by thousands of first-time attendeeds, because Evolve is an event with a remarkable ability to not only entertain but inspire. With admission free for kids under 12 years old, Evolve is also uniquely family-friendly; it’s an event that shapes kids to grow into our future in all the right ways.

According to a 2010 Antigonish Report (which can be found at http://bit.ly/61zcOZ) the overall economic impact of the Evolve Festival is estimated to be approximately $1.8 million, in an area which has faced substantial economic challenges. 




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