Dog Day releases music video for "In Another Life"

Press release provided by Pigeon Row

Dog Day has released the music video for "In Another Life," the second single from their critically acclaimed new album, Fade Out. Draped in psychedelic colours, the clip follows the band's spirit animal, Woof Alexander, on a trip through the wilderness. Fade Out is now available on vinyl.
 See video below

It's hard to believe that its nearly a decade after Seth Smith first strung together a band with his wife Nancy Urich and a couple of pals. Since then, Dog Day has been through a grinder of rearrangements, amputations, members and instruments, but the one thing that has stayed true is the duo's ability to craft quality and meaningful pop songs that hold up against time and trends. Championed by critics and collectors, their work has become an institution in Canadian underground music. 

Fade Out, their fourth full length, breaks new territory for the band. Over thirteen tracks, Nancy and Seth venture into a realm of unapologetic classic-rock, guitar licks and dreamy textures. This batch is bigger and more mature than its predecessors. Dog Day has moved on, but not so far as to forget where they came from. Fade Out could be read as a reflection on days gone by, or just as easily a premonition of what is to come.



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