FollyFest 2013 Fun! // Photos & Overview

Feels Good FollyFest

FeelsGood Folly Fest 
June 28, 2013 - 6pm to July 1, 2013 at 7pm 
Queens County Fair Grounds 
Courthouse Rd, Village of Gagetown

Review & Photos by Sarina Wilson

Rain beads over the hood of the car as I depart for FeelsGood Folly Fest located in the Village of Gagetown,New Brunswick. As the skies open soaking the earth outside the car, my thoughts are on the music awaiting.

The fifth installment of this young festivial, which promotes a spectrum of live music and art, fire spinning, an artisans market, PLUS the award winning craft beer Picaroons. Five stages comprised off different elemental vibes, primed to bring the noise.With the Folly Main stage, to the incredibly inviting folk inspired Yippie stage, to the Courthouse with its old timey' feel, the Fire stage and the Silent Storm stage, a converted barn-house which housed the Silent Disco. 

Feels Good FollyFest Feels Good FollyFest Feels Good FollyFest Feels Good FollyFest Feels Good Follyfest

Scientists of SoundThe air dripping with electricity as crowds flock to the Yippie stage where the bulk of night one’s music was taking place, main stage unfortunately, was outta’ commission  due to the stormy conditions. As the musicians doubled for one stager' rager', the mud splashed beneath the feet of the pulsing crowd, chasing the clouds away.  The love and appreciation for music was evident at Folly, with friends arm in arm laughing and dancing to a stacked weekend of performers.  With live art by The No Fun Zone and volunteers, every essence of the festival was captured on canvas.  The sun broke through the clouds unleashing folly’s full force bringing forth brightened smiles with the welcomed sunshine.

ShadEach night as music on the main stages slowed, the heart of The Silent Storm Stage began to beat. With Folly’s all night dance crew stomping the night away in a virtually silent environment. The silent disco, a truly unique listening as festival goers listened through wireless headphones as DJ’s/ Producers tore it up on stage. With two different channels on the headphones, two different artists simultaneously pumped tunes, keeping the crowd dancing until the wee hours of the morning. A wonderful concept to adapt, which gives others the ability to catch up on their beauty sleep.
KillaWail Goosepimp Orchestra Wintersleep Grand Theft Bus Dub Kartel Feels Good FollyFest Feels good FollyFest

Folly Fest combines whimsical elements with musical bliss. With such acts as Wintersleep, Shad, The Goosepimp Orchestra , Grand Theft Bus, Scientists of Sound  along with dozens others. A crazy Circus parade which grew as it traveled by the tent cities. I can't forget the award for best beard. and I will never find the words to describe the fire stage. Absolutely amazing as the majestic streams of fire flowed effortlessly  around the performers captivating the audience.
From the volunteer staff which kept the grounds debris free, and watching the art flow from the artist's brush magic was created here.The feeling that FeelsGood Folly Fest provides is of an indescribable warmth. Even with the uncooperative weather the spirit of the festival prevailed giving each Folly Fest goer a piece of sunshine to take home.

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Sarina Wilson

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