NEWS: Stream Aqua Alta's 2 on free download of "Norwegian Jewel"

Press release provided by Pigeon Row
 Aqua Alta has made 2 available to stream on The EP is their second digital preview of material from their forthcoming LP. 

Aqua Alta is a collaboration between Graeme Campbell (sonic magician for Buck 65), Charles Austin (a grizzled veteran of the indie rock wars), and Jenn Grant (a singer and a songwriter). Together, they make undersea dream pop.
In June, they quietly released an eponymous three song EP. Available here:
The second Aqua Alta EP follows suit, as they offer up three more sprawling studio creations. “Sparse” is an instrumental track composed out of chopped up vocal samples and shimmering synths. “Norwegian Jewel” is a glowing piece of nostalgia that may be about an ocean liner. “Silverytones” was the first song the group wrote together and was directly influenced by Reveen the Impossiblist.

 The band makes their live debut at this year’s Halifax Pop Explosion. Their full length debut will be available in 2014.


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