INTERVIEW: Fuck The Facts @ Gus' Pub

We got the chance to sit down with Topon Das and Mathieu Vilandré, of Fuck The Facts, last week as they toured through the Maritimes.

The new EP "Amer", touring through Europe, the writing process and all the goods!
Check out the interview below.

"It's out first release where, besides one song, every song is in French - and that was kinda the one thing, that you know, we wanted to try to do this time."

Check out Amer here:

and more info on Fuck The Facts at the links below:!/fuckthefacts

Check out the full live performance video, featured in this interview HERE

Special thanks to Fuck The Facts

Interview shot & Edited by Dan Nightingale
Live footage shot by Tiffany Naugler
Interview conducted by Heather Doran


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