INTERVIEW: A Tribe Called Red

On Friday July 5th 2013, we met up with A Tribe Called Red outside the Pavilion, where they were about to take the stage as part of the Halifax Jazz Festival.
"We Just wanted to create a cultural specific party. Every city kinda has them, like Jamacian parties, Koren parties and that sort of thing, as so there was nothing really of that sort for the First Nations community in Ottawa, so we just wanted to show case the fact that we were First Nation DJs..."

"We Really just produce what we are into at the moment. What's hot. What's going on. The way that the EDM scene has changed the last couple of years, is when I was was growing up, you had a Jungle producer, or you had a House producer, and that's all they ever did. They just made that one... even more specific then that, they would make Reggae Jungle or they'd make Deep House, and they didn't really move beyond their one genre. Whereas now, it's abut putting your own flavour on the genre that's happening right now. 
So we'll jump on to Mumba Tone, we'll jump onto Dubstep, and then we started to do a lot more Trap stuff more recently - It's the hot sound - and we can take that hot sound and put the tribe flavour on that, and throw some pow wow stuff on there, and make it our own."

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