VIDEOS: Scribbler, Quaker Parents, The Grubbies and The Everywheres @ Gus' Pub - May 19th 2013

Scribbler - Gus' Pub - May 19th 2013

Sunday, May 19, 2013
at Gus' Pub
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Scribbler invited us out, on this wonderful Victoria Day weekend, to check out some of thier tunes - and we most definitely didn't hesitate. 

Scribbler have always been one of our Halifax favorites, for their ever evolving sound and "we don't give a shit what you think" kind of attitude. 
Their current brand of haunting, indie-pop, noise-rock,  creates such amazing soundscapes, that it will completely consume you - if you let it. 

Check out the two videos below, from Scribbler's set, as well as vids from Quaker Parents, The Grubbies and The Everywheres.


Quaker Parents

The Everywheres

The Grubbies

Videos by Tiffany Naugler & Dan Nightingale


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