NEWS: Messtival Announces Full Line-Up!

That's right, here it is!
The Full line-up from MESSTIVAL, the east coasts best, small, summer festival!
Check it out below!

For the past 2 years, Noisography has spent the second weekend of August, sitting under the shade of the trees, while enjoying sweet tunes, on the festival grounds of New Brunswick's unique, Messtival - and we love every minute of it.

From the music, to the projections, the live art, duck races, mermaids, camping in the woods and the mustaches real and phoney alike, Messtival is surely the bestest festival! 
We cannot wait to get up there this year!

The annual, 2 day,  mustache themed arts and music festival happens in Anagance, NB on August 9, 10 & 11 2013.

Tickets are available NOW for $85  via the Messtival site, or you can purchase them for $100 at the festival gates.

Messtival 2012 Fun - 13

Full Line Up:

Grand Theft Bus

Scientist Of Sound

Goosepimp Orchestra    

The Hornitz 

Les Paiens

X-ray Zebras

The Divorcees

The Motorleague 

Bad Uncle

John Jerome & The Congregation

Force Fields

The Caravan

Gravity Strike

Khalil M

Jonah Haché

Stephen Lewis & the big band of one

Wet Grow Light


Jaguar Knight

Olibrius Folkestra


Kevin Mcintyre

Knife and Fork

Love Storm

Jinx The Cat


Earthbound Trio


Les Jeune D'asteurs



Joey Robin Haché


East Coast Love Story

Jane Ehrhardt

Harley Young

Simon Paradis


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