REVIEWED: Reversing Falls - Self Titled

The self-titled debut album from Reversing Falls is an effectively organized compilation of 10 songs that accomplish exactly what a debut album should.  It showcases the specific talents of the individual members, and with half of the songs clocking in at under 3 minutes, the group wastes little time letting us know what they're about. 

The formula here could be construed as a little bit safe and unadventurous, but there's something about it that goes deeper.  The music is a defining projection of who this band is, and that honesty and believability make the record more enjoyable when compared to others who have gone down this path.

The song writing is intricately injected with layers of guitar hooks and fills over the rhythm lines, providing a full sound without overpowering the melody.  While I don't find the opening song the strongest, it is thoughtfully chosen. The title is fitting, and the lyrics serve well as the beginning of what should be a lengthy relationship with the music hungry public. At 2:24 in length,  Is This Thing On? caught my attention just long enough before smartly giving way to the follow up track, Curse This Place.  Both of these songs are good and had me excited about where the album was headed.  They both have a slow drum count, though, and I was afraid the band was going to hold back. I wanted them to just let loose and have at it, and they obediently deliver.  The drum patterns quickly become faster and more complex, the riffs become more detailed, and the listening experience becomes more intense.  

I really like the song I Think We've Got A Problem, particularly each time it settles into the chorus.  It combines a grunge style repetition with a pop rock sound, making it stand out.  My favorite song, Everyone Everyone Everyone, sits in the 8 slot and shows that rather than fade off with fillers, the record gets increasingly stronger to the end 

This band out of Montreal may have produced an essential component to any record collection comprised of what's happening right now in Canadian music.       

Written by Josh Boulton


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