NEWS: SappyFest VIII announce more artists to the 2013 line-up!

Press release provided by Pigeon Row

Summer is quickly coming our way. We can hear it speeding across the Trans-Canada here at our new office on Bridge Street in Sackville, New Brunswick. We are all desperate for it to get here faster, hold us closer. We are ready to be more relaxed and more attractive. We are ready to unearth our swimsuits and short shorts from the oppressive weight of parkas and wool sweaters. We are ready to get our knees scraped and our noses burnt. We are already imagining our Julys and Augusts and to help you in these imaginings we feel it is high time we filled your imaginations with the sonic delights that will descend upon our little town August 2-4, 2013.

Herein lie an array of artists, from the well-known to the obscure, who will croon you to sleep on your beach towels, turn your backyard bbqs into disco dance parties, and keep you on the edge of your seat as you cruise around asphalt shoulders. Highlights include the magical gypsy poetry of Montreal’s AroarA, twisted electro bass from Doldrums, the maniacal blues of Blackout Beach (Carey Mercer, Frog Eyes, Swan Lake), laidback calypso jazz from Brodie West’s Eucalyptus, Sarah Neufeld’s (Arcade Fire) evocative solo violin work, the hardcore surf-punk attack of Lethbridge garage rockers Fist City, and the cool, elegant, contemporary disco from TOPS.

Joining these incredible artists will be a carefully curated schedule of 30+ bands, writers, films, performers, guest speakers, zine/small press fair, and an exciting new conference we’re not even ready to tell you about.

Tickets are available online through or in Sackville at Thunder & Lightning, 23 Bridge Street. For more details visit:

Artist Links:

Blackout Beach:

Fist City:
Sarah Neufeld:

The almost full lineup thus far: Adam Mowery, Alex Lukashevsky, Alvvays, AroarA, Blackout BeachChain & The Gang, Coach Longlegs, Colin Stetson, Construction & Destruction, Doldrums, DustedEucalyptus, Fist City, Grey Kingdom, Heaven For Real, Highest Order, JFM, John Jerome &  The Congregation, Jon Mckiel, Joseph & The Mercurials, L CON, Luyas, Magic, Max Keenlyside, MonomythMoonsocket, Naomi Shelton & The Gospel, Queens, Old & Weird, Pat Jordache, Pat LePoidevin, Rabbi Wolf, Sarah Neufeld, Shotgun Jimmie, Snowblink, Tasseomancy, TOPS, Underachievers.

SappyFest VIII
August 2-4, 2013
Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada

Tickets available through
Ticket Link:
Or in Sackville at Thunder & Lightning, 23 Bridge Street 

SappyFest would like to acknowledge the support of the Government of Canada through the Department of Canadian Heritage, FACTOR, The Province of New Brunswick, The Campbell-Verduyn Family, Socan Foundation, Town of Sackville, Mount Allison University, and Picaroons Traditional Ales.


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