NEWS: Acadian Embassy unveils We Have The Same Lights Overhead: A Tribute To Share

Press release provided by Pigeon Row

Halifax-based label Acadian Embassy unveils We Have The Same Lights Overhead: A Tribute to Share, a compilation celebrating the works of Canadian songwriter Andrew Sisk and his band Share.

The tribute features an all-star line up of musicians including Jenn Grant, The Two-Minute Miracles, Michael Feuerstack, and all four acts on the Acadian Embassy roster – Rain Over St. Ambrose, Quiet Parade, Kuato and AA Wallace – among others.

“Andrew Sisk has had such a profound influence on our lives both as a musician and as a friend,” says Acadian Embassy co-founder Josh Pothier.  “We wanted to celebrate his truly unique, interesting and thoughtful songs.”

Releasing five albums between 2005 and 2010 on both the Sleepless and Forward Music Group labels, Share took many forms.  Whether as a solo project, a trio, or a five-piece band, Sisk’s knack for melody and his vision for outside the box folk pop translated into a body of work that has left an indelible mark on friends and fans alike.

“His music, creativity and friendship have provided me with much needed hope and love for this world,” says Jenn Grant. “I think this project is a small window to show Andrew how we feel about what he contributes to our very special musical community in Canada.”

In addition to including a solo track to the compilation, Grant, along with her husband, Daniel Ledwell, and members of Quiet Parade, The Prospector’s Union and Dance Movie recorded a version of “Won’t Be Long” – a previously unrecorded and unreleased Share song – that serves as the album’s single. 

Greg Denton, the artist at the helm of many Share album covers, has also contributed artwork for this compilation.  All songs on the compilation were mastered by Andy Magoffin at The House of Miracles.

This album is available as a pay-what-you-want digital download via Acadian Embassy.  
Download it HERE.

We Have The Same Lights Overhead: 
A Tribute To Share 

1. Subtle Ways - "Won't Be Long"
2. The Two-Minute Miracles - "Silhouette"
3. Mary Cobham - "Foreign Church"
4. Kuato feat. Rachel Sunter - "The Yard"
5. Jon McKiel - "Too Shy To Blush"
6. Daniel Ledwell - "We Have The Same Lights Overhead"
7. Quiet Parade - "Empathy For The Devil"
8. Michael Feuerstack and Binoculers - "Maybe, Always"
9. Jenn Grant - "Subject To Change"
10. Rain Over St. Ambrose - "The Great Before"

11. The Prospector's Union - "Soil"
12. AA Wallace - "Ambulance"
13. Gianna Lauren - "Awake At Dawn"


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