The Marquee Ballroom Grand Opening - Welcome Back! to Halifax's Favorite Venue

I remember, back in my younger years, getting dressed up in my 6 inch platform, knee high buckled boots, my corsets, spiderweb skirts and excessive eyeliner, to attend Shadowplay (a monthly goth & industrial evening) held in the huge venue, in the "sketchy" part of town, known as The Marquee.

It's not really sketchy, but seeing that I was a country bumpkin, just learning to hit the town on her own - it was sketchy enough. Slowly, The Marquee became my favorite get away, and you could find me there almost every weekend.

I was actually in the Marquee during Hurricane Juan... 
That was definitely an experience - I can tell you that.

Noisography co. founder Dan Nightingale and myself actually met in Hells Kitchen in 2004, during a battle of the bands his band was in.
So it might be a stretch to say so, but without the Marquee, Dan and I probably would have never met and subsequently, this blog wouldn't exist.

So for that, we are grateful to see the ol' girl back up and running!

Over the past few years, we have seen some amazing talent pass through the rooms of the Marquee. 

Dan & I are constantly reminded of how great the space is, when we look at the array of show posters we have hanging around our apartment, which proudly display the Marquee name.

Marquee Posters - JSB Marquee Posters - Contrived Marquee posters - Deerhoof Marquee Posters - Tomcat Combat

I dug through my video archives to find this video of Holy Fuck, back in 2008... I think it was 2008.
I had just seen the band at Evolve, the summer before, and was STOKED to be seeing them in Halifax. The Marquee was the perfect venue!

Tonight, our beloved Marquee opens it's doors once again, as The Marquee Ballroom.
With Victor Syperek & Greg Clark  behind the wheel, we're hoping this time it sticks!

Two grand opening shows are planned for this weekend - starting tonight with WINTERSLEEP, supported by Alvvays (featuring Molly Rankin), followed by another great lineup on Saturday night w/ THE TREWS supported by PEI's The Meds.

You can join the FB event here:
Greg will keep you posted with all the details of the show there.

You can also find the Marquee Ballroom on the web here:

FB Group: 
Twitter: @Marqueeballroom 

Noisography will be on site during the events, so stay tuned for tonnes of photos and videos, after the weekend. We are super excited to be covering this event and to be back in our favorite Halifax venue.

We'll see you out there!
- T


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