REVIEWED: The Graboids - "Back to Perfection"

 “Back to Perfection” is an apt descriptor for the Graboid's latest album – there's no complication here, just 4 straight ahead punk rock songs. Having perfected their formula on previous albums, there's no need to reinvent the wheel here. The first three songs on the record all clock in at under 2 minutes and feature guitar riffs, drums, and just the right amount of vocal harmonies.

'Bad Ramones' just breaks the two minute mark and starts off with a slightly more garage rock sound, which as probably as close to breaking the mold as these guys will come. With lyrics about zombie girlfriends (or lack there of), longing, drinking, UFOs, and being in a band, it's classic Graboids through and through. There's no way to analyze or breakdown a 7 minute long record, so don't over think it - just put on this record and bang your head, and if you're taking your time, listen to it twice.

Better yet, do yourself a favour and check out the band live for the full experience – they're at Gus' pub on Saturday, so you can hear all this and more in person, with the additional bonus of maybe wrestling with vocalist, Adrian Bruhm.

Written by Dan Nightingale


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