REVIEWED: Elk Lodge – "What if I told you there were two Henrys in the room?"

Elk Lodge is a fun bass n’ drums garage duo. Imagine The Inbreds doing gritty little punk jams. I really like a two piece band. I like the creativity that often comes out of limited resources. I like the idea of making due with what you have and proving that all of the extra shit is unnecessary if the songs are good and the energy is there.

The album opens with the sound of someone operating a cloths dryer, which becomes a cute recurring gimmick throughout – from being cleverly inserted into “More Movement Than Man” to the buzz signaling the end of the cycle and of the album. I suspect that it may be meant as a nod to their having recorded the album in their apartment as well as an effort to tie the album together. 

Another running theme is the name Henry. I feel like there is an inside joke here, and I wish the band would let its audience in on it. Otherwise, it gives the album a sort of self-indulgent vibe. For instance, “Two Henrys” is just atmospheric bass noises and playing with a delay pedal. Between the dryer shtick and the Henry shtick, it feels like Elk Lodge are reaching for content. Rather than try and cobble together a full album, the band may have done better to pare this down to a five song EP. 


A cardinal musical sin, in my book, is to be boring and this is not a boring record.

Elk Lodge have succeeded in making me want to hear more. I would like to see the band spend some time writing and put together a serious follow up with more cool, rocking, melodic songs like “Hard Party”.

The boys are onto something.


Written by Mike Hiltz


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