REVIEWED: Bloody Diamonds – “Monsters”/”Bright Lights Darling”

Plenty bands would say that they have a signature sound. Few of them do.

Bloody Diamonds sound like Bloody Diamonds. 
Upon dissection, I’m sure that you could pick out various influences or make comparisons. I would say that Sara’s vocals remind me of X-Ray Spex at times. I would say that the carnival organ reminds me of Steve Neve from Elvis Costello’s early band The Attractions. I could go on and I’m sure you could too.

Bloody Diamonds understand how to write songs with hooks. In the case of “Monsters”, the first musical hook is that tension building stop/start verse that eventually erupts into this great sing along chorus, “There’s monsterrrrrrrrrsssss…” and yet another hook in the tag line, “into my heeeaaad, into my heeeaaad”. The whole song is an exercise in tension/release.

The B-side “Bright Lights Darling” isn’t as strong as “Monsters” or many of the songs on the full album, but it still rocks and has all of the elements that make for a great Bloody Diamonds song.

Even without the handsome white vinyl 7”, what you get is two tunes jammed full of style and charisma and cool vibes.


Written by  Mike Hiltz


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