NEWS: The Graboids return with new EP “Back to Perfection”

Press release provided by The Graboids

A year and a half after the band’s last release, “Aftershocks,” The Graboids return with their new “Back to Perfection” EP on 7” colored vinyl. The title of the EP follows the naming convention of the Halifax, Nova Scotia band’s namesake Tremors films.

The EP will be released on April 20, 2013 at Gus’ Pub with good buds The Holy Snappers and Moncton’s Rockin’ Rebels.

In September 2012, The Graboids went into Echo Chamber Audio with former Graboid
James O’Toole, recording the songs featured on four-track “Back to Perfection.” The recording highlights the songwriting of vocalist/band founder Adrian Bruhm and new guitarist Tim Sullivan, who each contributed a pair of songs.

The album’s artwork falls in line with the last two EPs. Bruhm draws inspiration from Black Flag artist Raymond Pettibon, and uses a single base color for the background with a simple but effective centralized image. ”Back to Perfection” features Bruhm’s infamous wrestling alterego, The Grapplin’ Graboid.

The Graboids won the “Best Live Hijinks” in The Coast’s Best of Music reader survey in 2013. Their live show often features live wrestling with appearances by The Grapplin’ Graboid, who has had an ongoing feud with Gus’ Pub manager Jake “The Smoke Break Kid” Thurgood. This “bad blood” has resulted in the formation of the gWo (Gus’ World Order), which includes The Grapplin’ Graboid and comedian Merv Hartlen (also known as Haywire).

The Graboids continue to work on additional tracks and will release the final EP in their tetralogy, “The Legend Begins,” sometime in the not too distant future. 


For the past 2 weeks, the CKDU radio show, Halifax is Burning has debuted a track from the new EP, each broadcast, and will continue to do so each week until the official release date.  

After the show the tracks will be available on the Graboids' bandcamp for download.To accompany each track,  Bruhm will also be releasing unique cover art that he draws up, the week of each release. 

So tickle your eardrums with a sampling of the “Back to Perfection” EP with the first two released tracks, Zombies Don't Have Girlfriends & Want Too Much. And stay tuned each week to Halifax is Burning, on CKDU, for your chance to be the first to hear more of these, brand new, Graboids tunes!!/GrapplinGraboid


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