VIDEO: Noisography does ECMA 2013! Day 2: March 7th 2013

And here we go...
Heather was out and about town on Thursday night taking in the sights and sounds of the East Coast Music Week, here in Halifax, and managed to capture 14 lovely videos to share with you all.

She was everywhere, from the Red Bull Tour Bus, The Casino and the Marquee, filming bands such as Jenn Grant, Slowcoaster, This Ship, Old Blood, Ashley MacIsaac and so many more...

Last night, (Friday) she was out filming at the Seahorse, so we'll have those vids ready for you as soon as she gets a spare second to start them uploading. She's pulling double duty; working for MNS as well as volunteering for us, so hey, we gotta cut the girl some slack eh?

Check out all her videos below! 
(click here for the youtube playlist)

Red Bull Tour Bus
6:00 PM, March 7th - Grand Parade, Halifax

NSCC ECMA Showcase
7:00 PM, Compass Room, Casino Nova Scotia

Cape Breton Embassy
9:00 PM, The Marquee Ballroom


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