REVIEWED: Little King Hunter - Queen of All that's Holy and Obscene

Little King Hunter is a name I am familiar with, though I haven’t had occasion to hear their material until now.

The latent 14 year old in me said, “Cool album title. Sweet artwork.” The kind I’d stare into for the duration of the album when I was a teenager.

This is a modern rock record. It is very much a guitar driven record, but make no mistake, the vocals and drums are the stars here. LKH comes equipped with two very capable vocalists and a very competent drummer obviously influenced by Tool and other similar bands. In fact, you could probably pare the band down to just these three guys and not miss much. It is refreshing to hear an indie rock band that doesn’t do the fuzz toned guitar thing.

There are 11 tracks on this record. One of them is 37 seconds of sampled LP crackle with guitar feedback over it, one of them is a short instrumental with the unfortunate title “Gary Coleman’s Funeral” (I suspect that there is an inside joke) and one is the drumless guitar ballad “China Doll”.  The rest are variations of the same mid tempo guitar riff. That’s not to say there is anything wrong with doing one thing well. A band can’t and shouldn’t be all things to all people. AC/DC and The Ramones have done extremely well writing the same song over and over.

The boys play well and I imagine that they are very polished live. They obviously have put a lot of work into their craft.  In the time since their 2010 EP, you’d think they’d have come up with more material, though. I would like to see the three above mentioned tracks replaced by three up-tempo rippers.

I’d be interested to know which track the band would choose as a single.  I am also curious about their songwriting process.

This is the kind of band that is powerful to experience playing in front of you and that goes a long way. I look forward to hearing the album Little King Hunter records after Queen of all that’s Holy and Obscene.


Written by Mike Hiltz



Little King Hunter said...

Like many, many independent bands we can only afford a limited amount of studio time. We simply don't have the funds to record every song we have (and we probably have 40 or more songs on the go at any one time). I take this review to be a huge compliment to our process and our songs. The response to our music, particularly at the international level, has been marvelous and encouraging.

Also, I am a huge fan of both the Ramones and ACDC. That's good company.

Little King Hunter

Little King Hunter said...

Additionally, the bass duties on this record were handled by our dear friend Michael Akerman. He moved to Vancouver after tracking his parts and is now in the awesome doom/post-metal band Magnetic North.

In case no one else noticed he's a genius bass player.

Thought he deserved his due.