Noisography Turns 4! Celebrates w/ Alright Already, Glory Glory, Old Blood & First to Fall @ Gus' Pub THIS SATURDAY!

For The Love Of Noise 

Since 2009, Noisography - a local music blog/community - has been a staple in the live music scene here in Halifax, bringing you photos, videos and interviews with all your favorite musicians & artists.
Their goal being to document, as well as help promote, the Halifax live music scene to the rest of the world, by making the music more accessible to those outside of Nova Scotia and the East Coast.

On March 30th 2013, at the infamous Gus' Pub, in Halifax's great North End, Noisography has invited everyone to a night of great music and fun. The night is to celebrate their 4th Anniversary as well as help them raise funds, in order to keep the site going strong for another year.

"Since all of our basic services are free, this is the one time a year were we ask the community to lend a hand in helping us continue to support the scene." 
- Tiffany Naugler (Noisography)

Noisography has joined forces with some of their favorite local bands & businesses, to bring you For The Love Of Noise, the 2013 Noisography Fundraiser.

The night will feature music by Bantam Wing, First to Fall, Old Blood, Glory Glory & Alright Already as well as include an ongoing ticket raffle, which boasts over $1000.00 in winnings! 

“The ticket raffle was an idea we came up with while thinking of ways to get the community involved. Yea, we promote bands and musicians all the time, but whenever we get the chance, we also like to promote the awesomeness of Halifax’s local business.

With the ticket raffle, we have a chance to promote local 100%, as well as lift our hats to all the bands and fans who have supported us over the past 4 years”

The raffle will include prizes from over 15 businesses, including studio recording time, cafe gift cards, jewelry, concert tickets, records, t-shirts and much more.
There is certainly something for everyone at For the Love of Noise!

Come join us at Gus’ Pub this Saturday, to celebrate another year of Halifax music!

You can check out all the information on the fundraiser here, including a full list of prizes. 

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Thank you to all of our sponsors!

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For more information on the For The Love Of Noise fundraiser or Noisography please contact
Tiffany Naugler

Noisography Founder / Editor / Photographer & Videographer 
Voted into the TOP 30 Best Music Websites in Canada by CBC Radio 3's Searchlight.


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