EMCW 2013 Preview Playlists: Day #3

We bring you a playlist, stacked with 86 videos, from artist performing today at ECMW here in Halifax.

That's a lot of YouTube searches!

But they are all here for your preview pleasure!
  • 86 Videos 
  • and just over 6.5 hours of music!
Featuring music by Carmel Mikol, Thom Swift,  Ria Mae, Jenn Grant, Pilot to Bombardier, Coyote, Acres and Acres, Les Hay Babie, Joshua Van Tassel, Sp00nfed, Dezza, Scientists of Sound, A.A. Wallace, She Roars, Repartee, Glory Glory, The Tom Fun Orchestra and...
Watch the video provided or head on over to the link below to preview all the artists first!


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