Show Overview: Patrick Healy's Lazarus Project // Herd Of... // Oceanic // Sacrificing Sound @ Michael's Bar & Grill

Sacrificing Sound
Sacrificing Sound opened up the evening; their set of alt metal improved as it went on, but the vocals and music seemed to be a bit of a mismatch. The riffs and songs were original enough and the band was tight, but I didn't expect quite so much 'ooohing' from a vocalist. When he kicked in a few deeper screams/shout it seemed to blend a lot better with the music, but it takes time to work up to doing those kind of vocals all the time, so it's hard to fault.

Patrick Healy's Lazarus Project
Patrick Healy's Lazarus Project was up next, and took things in a pretty drastically different direction. Video game inspired new age prog rock might begin to be a basic descriptor of these guys. There was some fantastic guitar work going on (complete with very 80's prog headless guitar) and it was an interesting change from the typical genre's we're used to hearing. While it wasn't for everyone, the musicianship was solid and it was definitely an interesting trip.

Herd Of... took things in yet another new direction, spearheaded by guitarist Matt Schwatz elaborate looping abilities. As bassist, rhythm guitarists, lead guitarist, and synth player all rolled into one, most of the songs relied on the 'loop assembly' process but the mind-warping riffs and impressively precise playing easily glossed over any perceived repetition. With a very solid drummer to back things up, it would have been hard to tell that the songs were all looped by a single guitar without seeing the stage setup. It would be interesting to see this lineup with some bass, keys, or vocals but even as just a two piece it's a pretty fresh and entertaining sound.

Plural 02

Oceanic were the final band of the night and they lived up to their name; long, deep, expansive tides of prog rock, complete with requisite bass solo, guitar solo, drum solo, everybody solo style epic songs. This ain't your father's 70's flower power prog rock though; there was plenty of heavy chugging and metal inspired solos, and rolling polyrhythmic math rock licks just to keep everything fresh. I can see this guys doing some pretty fantastic work on an album, which I'm told is in the works, so keep your ears open for these guys.


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Friday, January 25, 2013
@ Michael's Bar & Grill  $7- 10 PM

Patrick Healy's Lazarus Project


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