Q&A w/ Scribbler

So there is this band - their name is Scribbler and we love them.
I can honestly say, that for as long as we have known Scribbler, we have loved them.

These guys have gone through many phases, made a lot of noise, made a lot of people scratch their heads, and threw some majorly epic parties.

Now we're here - almost 10 years later, and they're still here, and honestly - better than ever!

Here is a little Q&A we did with the band below.
Step into the minds of Scribbler...

Noisography: Scribbler has been a long time member of the Halifax music scene - that we know. How long has the band actually been together and what has kept you so focused all this time?

Scribbler: We will be eight next month . I think what keeps us together is never being satisfied .

Noisography:We have seen members of the band come and go. Who is in the current, perminent Scribbler Roster?

Craig Currie –  song writer vocals and guitar 
Amy Vinnedge – bass 

Francisco Lopes – Drums
Seamus Dalton - Guitar

Noisography: For the most part, Scribbler has been known as that weird, experimental, noise rock band from the North End, but lately, from viewing quite a few recent live performances, it seems as though your sound is less noise and more of a pop rock kinda feel . Was that an intentional move for the band or was it just a natural progression?

Scribbler:  Becoming more pop was something we leaned towards because it has worked the best for us so far . If I had to describe Scribbler to someone who never experienced it I’d say something pretentious like experimental folk noise rock , or post skunk 

Noisography: Do you think Halifax has embraced Scribbler as a band, and do you think living here has influenced your sound at all?

Scribbler:  We have always kind of felt alienated in Halifax not embraced . Living here has definitely influenced our sound Halifax is such a small unique city.

Noisography: What bands/musicians woud you say the band are most inspired by?

Craig – skygreen leopards and  disco inferno 
Amy – pj Harvey , Otis Redding / 50’s music in general
Seamus – television personalities and Raekwon 
Franc – Donovan , beatles , spoon

Noisography: Do you have any non-musical influences?

Scribbler: Scribbler's biggest non musical influence is the future .

Noisography: If the band could play any show in the world - or beyond - what would it be? Who would it be with?

Scribbler: If we could play anywhere it would probably be underwater somewhere with some dead rock stars.

Noisography: What do you prefer - playing live or recording?

Scribbler: If we had to pick a favorite between recording and playing live it would probably be recording because we can do whatever we want and we don’t have to keep it or show anyone. 

Noisography: What are Scribbler's plans for the future? A new album prehaps? Maybe some touring?

Scribbler: We have a bunch of studio stuff that is taking forever (since 2010) , there's enough for a double album there , but nothings set in stone , we're gonna shop around for some lables and see what develops , in the mean time we will be releasing limited run cassettes on Craig's new label "veverzay".



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