NEWS: Lead Mule releases self-titled debut TODAY!

Amidst the winding rural roads of Short Beach, Nova Scotia, the echoes of rock ‘n’ roll bounce between the battered asphalt and the sea-soaked spruce trees.  In an area steeped in musical tradition, Lead Mule, a four-piece outfit from these outskirts of Yarmouth, champions the legacy.

Their self-titled debut EP channels specific histories.  Musically, the band is at the fore of an imminent nouveau grunge movement, putting a new spin on the melody-laden guitar rock of the early to mid 90s.  The band’s vocal capabilities shine on songs such as “Spilt Milk,” weaving three-part harmonies together with a Faith No More era Mike Patton delivery.  The pop-rock guitar riffs and anthemic sing-along chorus on “Third Degree” harken early Foo Fighters, while the dark ambience of “Absence” evokes a more introspective side of the band merged with an eerie violin line and a chord change that feels somehow distinctly Canadian. 

Pronounced “led” (not “leed”) the name Lead Mule also pays homage to a specific physical location – a long burnt down jam space that hosted a series of outdoor concerts in Short Beach over a decade ago.  Featuring performances by bands such as Burnt Black, kary, The Dean Malenkos, and Folds of Policy – acts that would eventually launch the likes of Holy Fuck, Wintersleep, Jon Epworth & The Improvements, and The Stanfields – the Mule concerts have garnered a near-legendary status amongst South Shore music fans.

It is with this deep-rooted sense of cultural and musical history that Lead Mule emerges, paying tribute to their past while carving out their future.

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