INTERVIEW: Q&A w/ Little King Hunter

Tonight, at Michael's Bar & Grill, Little King Hunter set out to release their highly anticipated, new album, "Queen of All that’s Holy and Obscene", with friends Big Game Hunt & The Fed Pennies.

Heather caught up with the 4-piece rock band, for a little Q&A to let you in on what the band have been up to and what to expect from the new tunes! Check it out below!

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Heather: Can you tell us any highlights from 2012 that really stuck out for you guys?

Shane: This year we kind of kept it low. We had so much going on with the completion of the new record and between us all - we’ve all been pretty busy with life in general. Also bringing our new bassist into the mix got us back on track. For a sec there we were at a halt but thanks to Shaun we can keep doing our thing.

Heather: Can you tell us a bit about your latest release "Queen of All that’s Holy and Obscene" ?

Shaun: It's a great CD, full of kick ass music that will make you move. I love playing the tunes live and I stay as close as I can to the original,... with a few of my own spices. I am very happy with the final production and I really feel like people who love music will appreciate the authenticity of the sound. It's original sounding music. Great bunch of guys, who are serious about music, but still have fun,...if that makes any sense? Anyways, I'm really looking forward to showing the rest of the world what we got. 

Heather: How do you feel this album is different from your last EP?

JV: In a lot of ways, this album is really similar to our EP. Of course, the production quality is higher and overall it is more polished. We walked into this thing wanting to capture the energy and feel of a  live performance and I think we walked away with exactly that.

Aside from the obvious production differences, we used some additional instruments that we don't typically perform with and Luke and I made a point to sing more harmonies with each other. There is also a lot of ear-candy on this record. You know, the tiny little sounds that aren't part of the music but  turn into the soul of a song. We keep all of our mistakes, as funny as that sounds, because we just  might be able to use it.

Heather: What were your biggest challenges while writing this album?

Luke: Thankfully writing isn't really a difficult issue for me. Songs just come out and then I move on.  From a functional standpoint though, making this album was an exercise in "the long game". It took several months longer than it had to, owing mostly to scheduling issues. We also tracked the album sorta in reverse, meaning all the guitars and bass were completed before the drums were done. Some finished vocal parts were actually done without the drums present.

I wasn't sure it was a good idea to proceed this way but I wasn't really surprised that it worked out. It  was just wrong enough to be right if that makes any sense. Definitely never doing another recording  this way again however. Also, paying for it up front next time will be high on the list.
Took quite a while to get the scratch together to pay for it.

Little King Hunter - Supernova - 02

Heather: How do you feel you have grown as a band since your creation in 2008?

JV: We've taken a lot of steps forward in the past four years. A lot of steps sideways too. Despite a  few changes in our lineup, I think we have matured a lot as musicians and we've developed a very strong creative relationship with each other. We're doing a lot more writing as a group rather than just individuals now and our music has reflected that. Little King Hunter has always been about playing  what sounds good, regardless of the big shadow that genre can sometimes cast.

Heather: You worked with Stephen MacDonald for the design of the album, do you
feel he captures the feel you were going for?

Luke: Stephen really just took the ball and ran with it. We gave him very little direction, so I think he achieved the feel he was going for, based on his impressions of the music. I couldn't be happier with  the work he did for us. He's a rock veteran, a seriously talented artist and he just gets it.

Heather: What can we expect from Little King Hunter in 2013?

Shane: Well the record is now out and ready for our fans to dig into and I imagine we are going to be promoting it as much as possible. Tons of kickin’ shows!

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Saturday, January 19, 2013 

Queen Of All That's Holy And Obscene Launch Party

Join us and our special guests Big Game Hunt and Fed Pennies as we tear the cellophane off our first full-length record. Tickets are $6 in advance and are available at Taz Records on Market Street in Halifax, or by sending the band a message on their Facebook profile. Cover will be $10 the night of the show

There will be some really cool merchandise available as well:
Queen Of All That's Holy And Obscene album - $10.00
QOATHAO tshirt - $20.00
LKH Custom guitar picks - $1.00
"Moon Girl" Album Art posters (11x17) by Stephen MacDonald Art and Design $T.BD
Doors open at 9:00pm and the first act kicks off at 10:00pm

Little King Hunter


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