Featured Artist of the Week: Patrick Healy's Lazarus Project

"The Lazarus Project is the creation of Halifax musician Patrick Healy. With the spirit of Gustav Holst and the tools of Allan Holdsworth, the group blends the inspiration of science fiction with the art of jazz fusion. Complex, yet beautiful chord choices compliment the soaring guitar melodies - all tightened by the ferocious bass and drums. Healy formed the group with the imagination of science fiction and the chops of jazz fusion in mind, and his Lazarus Project reawakens these sources in a completely new way."

See the  Patrick Healy's Lazarus Project LIVE this Friday at Michael's Bar & Grill.

Patrick Healy's Lazarus Project // Herd Of... // Oceanic // Sacrificing Sound

Upon the eve of January 25th at Michael's Bar & Grill, four groups wish to share the progressive underbelly of Halifax's music scene.

10 PM, 19+

Patrick Healy's Lazarus Project

Herd Of...


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