SHOW OVERVIEW: Savoury CD Release @ The Carleton


Review & Photos by Caitlin Campbell
November 25th 2012   

Do you love catchy tunes with calming vocals, surprising solos and rhythm that makes you want to get up and move? Then why weren't you at the Carleton last Sunday, where Savoury played a solid show along with their special guest Erin Fitzpatrick.

UntitledUntitled Keep your eyes and ears out for upcoming musician Erin Fitzpatrick, who opened Sunday night. At only 14, she has a skill on guitar that many people strive for. Playing covers of "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen and "House of the Rising Sun" as well as a few of her own songs, her inspirations are a winning combination with a voice as capturing as hers. No doubt that as soon as she writes a few more songs to fill out an EP someone will get her in the studio and that's something we should all be looking forward to. 

For a band that hasn't been together for longer than 3 years, Savoury, seem incredibly present and comfortable on stage, which manages the impressive task of putting the audience at ease in an almost full house. You can understand why so many would come out to see these guys, the members have come from a few different bands before but in Savoury they seemed to have hit a perfect synchronicity. Their song "Come Undone" definitely has single potential and would sound so much better on the radio then most of the alternative rock you hear these days. Playing in a style similar to that of REM or Tom Petty, they had nostalgia on their side for a crowd that was a bit older (around the ages 25-50) but I'd be interested to see how they would do in a venue filled with a younger crowd. 

They have already played successful shows at Tribeca and the Foggy Goggle but, The Carleton worked for them this time around, in a relaxed lounge atmosphere with dim lighting - all eyes were on them for the duration of the set. Mark Savoury on lead vocals and rhythm guitar had an energy that connected well with the crowd and it was a treat to see bassist Chad Harrington get up to the mic to sing lead on one of their songs as well. That being said, I was most impressed with Greg Daniels who played an amazingly smooth lead guitar.

Untitled Untitled

Savoury put out their first EP The Falling in 2009 and now have their first full length, Those Words Just Seem To Explain available on iTunes/Bandcamp or find a hard copy at Taz Records or CD Heaven. 

While they don't have anymore upcoming shows just yet, keep your ears open for this band who is sure to grab a following over the years.

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