Featured Artist of the Week: Ben Caplan

"Rugged, raspy, and roaring with charisma. Halifax’s Ben Caplan is to folklore, what smoke is to bourbon. Perfectly coupled. Ben’s songwriting is bold in both range and ferocity. Fuelled by a quality of melodrama and powerful lyricism, the romance and bravery in his voice gives Caplan a truly innovative and experimental artistry. A sound that bridges the gap between controlled composition and unruly passion."
- Website Bio
Ben Caplan has a 15 date Canadian tour lined up for 2013 including 2 Halifax dates - Feb 2nd at the Company House and a show in March for the ECMA's.

Make sure to catch Mr. Caplan in action if you ever get the chance - it's an experience you won't soon forget!


Also: Check out the video interview we did with Ben Caplan back in November during Nova Scotia Music week: http://youtu.be/nZdxd_YMCKs?t=1s


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