REVIEWED: Needle//Pins - "12:34"

Written by Graeme Peters

Girls, beer and good times! What else do you need? With Vancouver-based act Needles//Pins’ debut album “12:34”, what you get it is simple and sweet, but it’s damn fun – and that’s what matters.

“12:34” has a raw garage power-pop quality that feels bright and full of life. Needles//Pins immediately sounds familiar, easily being compared to acts such as Teenage Head. However, “12:34” is still developed enough to remain fresh, and keeps a certain youthfulness to its tracks. “12:34” is incredibly fun and toe-tappingly accessible; while it keeps the same “Ramones” style from track to track, it never leaves you bored. “12:34” is relatively short, (and by keeping the album light, this works in its favour) with each of its 11 tracks blending together for a 22 minute pop punk celebration.

Lyrically, Needles//Pins does what you would expect from pop punk outfit. Lead vocalist/guitarist Adam Ess sings about the staples: girls, getting stoned, and having fun. Nothing is overly complicated, just catchy and a little charming, which is exactly what “12:34” is all about.

In the end, Needles//Pins deliver a solid, feel-good power-pop debut. If you’re not looking for complexity, just a little fun, “12:34” is worth the listen.



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