HELP Just Noise Music Raise Funds to Print Physical CDs of Their Releases!

It's is currently 2:00am  and I just received an email about the indie label 'Just Noise' and their Indigogo campaign which they just started, in order to raise funds to print physical CDs of all of their current releases.

I am usually pretty hesitant about these things, but this seems like a label I could really get behind.

Taking a listen to a few of their artists, which range from  post-rock, ambient, neoclassical, progressive metal, experimental and dream pop - as well as taking in a lovely 'at home' video plea from artist Mascara Hera, I would love to see their campaign goals met.

Let help these folks with their goals and help them release the music of so many under appreciated artists, here in Canada as well as across the globe. 

"If I could see my album art, put on the cover of a jewel cased CD..."
Mascara Hera



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