From the Desk of Naugs: #004 Festival season comes to a close, fundraising show & plans for the rest of 2012

Here we are...
It's been a long summer/fall, and with the Evolve Festival, a Noisography show, Sappyfest, Messtival, Halifax Pop Explosion, NSMW, a crew member leaving and countless local shows/interviews, all under our belts, I can officially say that the Noisography team has probably done it's best & most work!

There are still lots of interviews, recaps, photos and videos from all the things we've done this summer, still to come. We've held off on sharing a lot of it due to time constraints, but mostly because now that everyone is pretty much chilled out for the winter, we can all sit back and reflect on all the awesome things that happened this summer.

Over the next couple of months, we are going to spend some time, revamping our video interviews.
We have stuck with the same general layout of video interviews (interview cut w/ live footage) for quite some time now and we decided, after a big discussion at NSMW, that we need a change - something a little more interesting, something a little more exclusive...
We are actually filming our first one this Friday with Rain Over St. Ambrose, so stick around for that - as it's gonna be great!

In the next little bit, Noisography will also be putting together a little fundraising show.
For the past 3.5 years, we have worked to cover as much of the Halifax live music scene as we could, as well as help out as many bands/artists as we could - all for the low low price of free. We have spent hours publicizing events, putting on events and providing bands with a plethora of photos and videos for their own use to promote themselves. The amazing feedback and love from all those involved, and those who just enjoy the coverage, has been absolutely amazing - and we would love to keep it up!
We of course have expenses, in maintaining the site and our equipment in order to keep the the coverage coming, so in the near future, we will be calling out for help from everyone and anyone who wants to see Noisography cover even more, produce higher quality images, videos and audio, and even spread our wings a little wider. 

No major plans have been made yet, but stay tuned for more information really soon.
If you are a band who would be interested in taking part in such an event, please let us know!
We would love to have as many talented folk involved as possible.
Just shoot me off an email at

This all being said - for the rest of 2012, Noisography will be taking a little break. Nothing drastic by any means, we will still be out filming and photographing, but nothing large scale. We kind of filled our plates to the brim over the summer and well, I'm not going to lie - I am a tad burnt out. The literal, Desk of Naugs, is looking quite terrifying right now and I need to spend some time getting my shit together before taking on any new & large projects.

So until next time,
- T


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