The Noisography HPX Band guide: DAY #5

Lets continue on with our fancy HPX Band Guide!

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One week from today the following artists will be performing during the 2012 Halifax Pop Explosion.
Check them all out, to get a pretty great picture of what's in store!

Purchase your HPX wristbands via Ticket Pro
Phone: 1-888-311-9090 or pick them up in person at any Ticketpro outlet.

They will also be available at HPX HQ which will be set up at the Atlantica Hotel, during the festival.

Without further adieu, the last day of HPX 2012 performers - Day 5:

Saturday October 20th 2012

Scribbler - Gus' Pub

Stalwart Sons - Gus' Pub

Cousins - Gus' Pub

VIXENS - Michael's Bar &Grill

Word On The Street - Michael's Bar & Grill

Napalm Raid - Michael's Bar & Grill

Career Suicide - Michael's Bar & Grill

Career Suicide - Not Dead Yet Afterparty from Julian Maxymiw on Vimeo.

The Group Sound - Olympic Community Hall

Monomyth - Olympic Community Hall

Cold Warps - Olympic Community Hall

Black Lips - Olympic Community Hall

Ambersand - Reflections Cabaret

Streets I Roam by Ambersand

Like A Motorcycle - Reflections Cabaret

Shooting Guns - Reflections Cabaret

The Pack A.D. - Reflections Cabaret

Julie Doiron - St. Matthew's United Church

Julie Doiron - By The Lake by killbeat music

Cold Specks - St. Matthew's United Church

Owen Dacombe Steel - The Bus Stop Theatre

Young River - The Bus Stop Theatre

Canailles - The Bus Stop Theatre

Irreverend James and the Critical Mass Choir - The Bus Stop Theatre

Folly and the Hunter - The Company House

Revelstoke - The Company House

Gabrielle Papillon and The Mighty Oak - The Company House

Gabrielle Papillon w/ Corinna Rose - No Common Ground from HEAVYWEATHER on Vimeo.

Willie Stratton - The Company House

Mo Kenney - The Company House

Stratejakets - The Marquee Club
No Media Available.

Hip Club Groove - The Marquee Club

Cool Blue Halo - The Marquee Club

The Super Friendz - The Marquee Club

This Sound Will Save You - The New Palace

Tasseomancy - The New Palace

Tasseomancy - Soft Feet by tasseomancy

Zola Jesus - The New Palace

Barlow - The Pavilion

Code Orange Kids - The Pavilion

Ceremony - The Pavilion

Bane - The Pavilion

Seamus Erskine - The Seahorse Tavern

Hands and Teeth - The Seahorse Tavern

English Words - The Seahorse Tavern

Mardeen - The Seahorse Tavern

And that brings us to the end of our HPX2012 Band Guide!

Hopefully you all find this quite helpful in your HPX planning for this year and we hope to see you all out and about this beautiful city next week for some amazing live music!

See you Tuesday!


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